5 tips for last minute revision success from top tutors

You’ve put the finishing touches to the colour-coded revision chart, devised a schedule that would throw shade on a military strategist, and got your new stash of novelty Post-It notes, it’s just a shame that it's your child that's meant to be doing the revision and not you! 

So, if the revision books are gathering dust in your house and you are worried that time is slipping away for your son or daughter, fear not. We are TutorMapper, the UK's most trusted tutor search engine, and we've asked our brightest and best tutors – those with tons of experience in exam prep – to come up with their top tips on making the most of the last few weeks of revision to share with your under pressure offspring. One thing they all say:

"It's not too late to ace it!"

  1. Don’t panic! Panic creates stress and stress creates panic, and before you know it, you’re on a stress-fuelled hamster wheel where all you’re doing is panicking about how much you need to revise, rather that actually revising. Not only will you be totally unproductive, you also run the risk of making yourself ill. So, take a deep breath, and focus.
  2. Be prepared. Make sure you know exactly which topics are likely to appear in the exam. Print off the syllabus for each subject, and compile all of your revision notes next to each relevant topic.
  3. Past paper practice. Go through past papers - lots of them - so you get a sense of the way the questions are likely to be phrased and how much each question is worth. Past papers are also a brilliant way of timing yourself. Make sure you’re able to complete past papers in the allotted time - if you’re struggling with your timings, now’s the time to work on this.
  4. Find out what the examiner’s are looking for. You can download examiner’s reports from previous years from the exam boards’ websites. These documents are a brilliant way of finding out what the people who’ll actually be marking the fruits of your labour are looking for, and crucially, what they’re not. This allows you to focus your last minute efforts in the right direction.
  5. Turn off your phone! Your life will not come to an abrupt end if you’re momentarily disconnected from Instagram and WhatsApp, but if you’re going to make the most of last minute revision, then you need to be free of distractions. Turn off your phone, lock it in a drawer, hermetically seal it and bury it in the garden, but don’t have it anywhere near your revision sessions. You need to be totally focused, and you can’t do that if your phone is constantly alerting you to texts and updates.

Remember, the study done in the last few days or weeks can can make a huge difference in the exams, so even though it may seem like an impossible task, success is very achievable. It's not too late to get help from one of our top tutors either.

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