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All the latest official data for 2020 is now at your fingertips on the UK's most trusted School Guide for parents

School Guide, the UK's best school guide, is now showing all the official data from last summer's key tests and exams published by the government this month. 

We are the only school information site to give a summary star rating based on official data and give parents the most succinct and reliable indicator of a school's performance in the last acacemic year. Our unique algorithim has crunched all the key performance measures and produced almost 19,000 star ratings

Over 4.6 million 16-year-olds took their GCSE exams in England in 2019, which was 50,000 more than in 2018. The majority of students took 8 or 9 GCSE subjects (50.1%). Meanwhile a small percentage of students took 10 or more GCSE exams (17.7%) in 2019, a total of 103,000 students. 

School Guide is trusted by 15,000 parents every day, and its easy-to-read data dials and clear visual infographics make it quick to understand all the key school statistics.

The best and most comprehensive source of helpful data for parents –– School Guide 2020

New and Exclusive Data for 2020 

School Guide has updated its pages with key SEN support statistics. Plus we include the following exclusive data that parents won't find anywhere else online:

  • School Guide shows the percentage of pupils gaining 5+ GCSEs at Grade 9-4 as we know parents find this helpful even though the government no longer displays this statistic. 
  • For independent schools, we now publish more data including percentage of pupils gaining GCSEs at Grade 9-7.
  • Exclusively calculated by School Guide, our Happiness Rating answers the key question: how happy are the children at this school? 
  • Updated for 2020: our popular Jargon Buster For Parents which explains official performance measures in plain English and deciphers data even school leaders call "baffling".
  • All our pages are beautifully designed and easy-to-read. All colour-coded by type for ease of navigation. View examples below. 

Plus Our Unique Catchment Heat Maps

Parents get our exclusive heat maps which show you where you need to live to get into a chosen school. You can even drop a pin with your home postcode on the map. 

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