Mental Health Minute: Listen to the 60-second Radio Message



Mental Health Awareness Week 2021 runs from 10-16 May and this year's theme is nature. 

Mark Rowland, Chief Executive of the Mental Health Foundation, the organisation set up to help people understand, protect and sustain their mental health, explains why they chose the theme of nature for this year's focus. 

"Our research shows 45% of us reported being in green spaces had been vital for our mental health during the pandemic. 

Websites which showed footage from webcams of wildlife saw hits increase by over 2000%. Wider studies also found that during lockdowns, people not only spent more time in nature but were noticing it more.

Nature is our great untapped resource for a mentally healthy future."

The Mental Health Minute 

As part of Mental Health Awarness Week, a number of charities and organisations have created special events including the Mental Health Minute to support Shout 85258 – a 24/7 text messaging helpline.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and David Beckham are among a number of famous voices that are part of a 60-second recording which was aired simultaneously on all UK radio stations today (Friday 14 May) at 10.59am. The broadcast was used to celebrate the fact that "much needed conversations have been started" and "the shift towards change has been incredible."

But the core message is simple: keep talking. 

The radio broadcast encourages everyone around the UK to keep the conversation about mental health going, highlighting how vital one conversation can be for someone struggling with issues.

Watch the Mental Health Minute video


Get Help 24/7

If you are struggling to cope and need to talk, trained Shout Volunteers are available 24/7. 

Shout 85258 is a free, confidential, anonymous text support service. You can text from wherever you are in the UK.

You can text 'Shout' to 85258