Back To School Routine: How Many Hours Sleep Does My Child Need?

A teacher shared her advice on THE EXACT time kids should go to sleep each night...

... And here is the handy table. 


A teacher in the USA unwittingly broke the internet when she added a "helpful chart" on social media that lists out exact bedtimes for pupils. Surfacing just as parents are struggling to re-establish bedtime routines after many months of children at home with no set school start times, the table lists 'Wake Up Times' and works backwards, based on the child's age, on exactly when they should go to sleep. 

Stacy Karlsen, a teacher at Wilson Elementary School in Wisconsin, said she couldn't believe the post went viral. 

"I didn't make it up. I found the chart and added it to the school's Facebook page because I I thought, 'Wow, this is super helpful'."

Turns out a lot of people agreed, as the helpful bedtime table was shared almost 500,000 times. 

What Time Should Your Child Go To Bed?