What are the new 'living with Covid' rules for schools?

The Government has issued new advice for school pupils as free Covid testing scrapped and isolation period reduced

Children who test positive for Covid-19 are being advised to self-isolate for just three days rather than five under new guidance for 'living with Covid' from today.

The new advice for managing the virus, effective from today, says under-18s with “mild symptoms” such as a runny nose, sore throat or slight cough but otherwise feeling well should go to school.

School leaders have called for "scientific evidence" supporting the plan and some heads have branded the new school rules "a shambles". 

Guidance sent to schools by the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) yesterday also confirms that free testing will not continue at almost all education settings from 1 April 2022. Anyone who thinks they might have Covid and are not in one of the eligible groups, will need to pay around £2-£5 for a test from a high street pharmacy or online stockist, or follow advice if they cannot take a test.

Previously, secondary schools were told that while guidance for regular testing was ending, they would still be able to access testing during Covid outbreaks.