Primary School Offer Day 2022: What to do if your child didn't get their first choice school

National Offer Day 2022 in England and Wales is Tuesday April 19. Offer emails will be sent by your local education authority.

Offers are usually sent out on April 16, but it is different this year because it comes after the long Easter bank holiday weekend.

April 19 is the next working day, so parents can expect to find out where your child has been offered a place online via email from around 7am.

We have answers to all parent's key questions and a 3-step action plan to help decide next steps. 

What if you didn’t your first choice primary school?

Read our expert advice from an experienced primary school head teacher

We have everything parents need to know on next steps including: 

What if you dIdn't get your first choice? 
What if you didn’t get any of your choices? 
What if you have been given a school miles away?
What if you have been given a school with a terrible reputation or a low Ofsted rating?

If a local authority cannot allocate a place at your preferred school because you do not meet the subscription criteria or the school is over subscribed, your child will be allocated the nearest school with a space available.

In this situation, most parents think they have two options: accept or appeal.

But the reality is less black and white and we advise following 3-step plan if you are unhappy with the school allocated to your child.

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Help and resources for parents on Primary School Offer Day 2022 

Search for schools and see the latest catchment areas 
Our interactive catchment maps allow you to plot your home postcode on the map and see how many children currently attend a school.

Read real parent reviews of schools
It wasn't your #1 choice but what do parents who have children currently attending the school think of it?

Find the contact details for your local authority
Use the menu to select your area and get all the contact details.

Read: Missed out on your #1 school? School Guide's 3-step action plan
By Victoria Bond, Mum of 2 and Founder of School Guide.

Watch our 2-Minute Video: What if we didn't get our preferred school?
Quick and easy tips from an experienced primary school head teacher to help you decide next steps.