When are primary SATs in 2024? New dates and key information for parents

Here are the dates and all the information you need on Key Stage 1 and 2 SATs this year. 

Key Stage 1 SATs – what do they test and when? 

The SATs tests are not longer statutory so it is up to individual schools to decide it they want their pupils to take them. The phonics tests are still compulsory. 

Maths and reading
If your child's school is doing these they will set the specific date but it will be sometime during May 2024. Check with your child's school for the specific dates. There are five tests for pupils to sit: two reading papers and two maths papers, plus an optional English grammar, spelling and punctuation paper (SPAG).

The phonics screening check takes place in the week commencing 3rd June 2024. The phonics screening checks two areas: 

(i) how well the school scheme teaches children to decode using phonics

(ii) whether every child has a good knowledge of the 85 GPCs (grapheme-phoneme correspondences). This is the relationship between phoneme (unit of sound) and its graphemes (or symbols).


Key Stage 2 SATs – what do they test and when? 

What: English grammar, punctuation and spelling, papers 1 and 2
When: Monday 13th May 2024

What: Reading
When: Tuesday 14th May 2024

What: Mathematics papers 1 and 2
When: Wednesday 15th May 2024

What: Mathematics paper 3
When: Thursday 16th May 2024


Year 4 Multiplication Tables Check - what do they test and when? 

The check is made up of 25 questions and will be carried out in the two weeks from Monday 3 June 2024.