School's out for Christmas! Here's our special festive review of North Pole Primary


80% of pupils at North Pole Primary have seen Mummy kissing Santa Claus
SOURCE: Headmistress Mrs Carol Singer

As children break up from school for Christmas across the UK, annual performance data from a small school at the northernmost point on Earth, North Pole Primary, shows impressive results across the (snow)board.

100% of pupils have gained an A* in snowman building and the school's Value Added Score (the measure of each pupil's progress from Naughty to Nice) has increased for the fifth year in a row. The school gets an overall Season of Goodwill rating of OUTSTANDING.

Less good news for the school's 5-a-day campaign, however, as only 2% of pupils eat sprouts.

80% of pupils say they have seen Mummy kissing Santa Claus, a statistic that has gone down like an over-steamed Iceland Christmas pud with a headmistress renowned for her excellent Elf & Safety record, Mrs Carol Singer.

You can view all the festive school data on School Guide, the UK's online school information site for parents.

The colourful festive page even has SNOW (aka real gif. flakes) and School Guide is proud to support to two leading UK charities BeatBullying via Text Santa and Make A Wish Foundation UK with free seasonal advertising.

School Guide wishes you all an A* Christmas and here's to top marks in 2014!