Why it could be chips for the school Breakfast Club

Government funding cuts mean that many valued school breakfast clubs have not re-opened this academic year raising fears that the children who need the facilities the most may be left hungry.

One newspaper labels some cuts "severe" and reports: "Essex County Council said they had provided 219 breakfast clubs in their schools last year, but this year the number had reduced to 169. In Surrey, 2,870 children were being given breakfast last year each school day but only 1,200 in 2012."

Leading Food Writer Jay Rayner has joined a growing campaign to save what he calls "a lifeline for busy parents and families whose budgets have been cut to the bone." He highlights a recent survey from the Guardian Teacher Network stating that 83% of teachers said they were seeing pupils who were coming to school hungry; 55% said up to a quarter of their kids were turning up having not eaten enough."  

Source: The Guardian