Newspaper launches 'Scream Line' for exhausted homeschooling parents

The New York Times has launched the Primal Scream Line, a free phone line for parents to vent their homeschooling and lockdown frustrations. 

It started in September, as the school year inched closer but the school gates stayed firmly closed. A group of mothers from New Jersey decided they would gather in a park, at a safe social distance, and scream their lungs out. For months, the pandemic had disrupted work and home life and these mothers, like so many parents, had been stretched thin — acting as caregivers, teachers and earners all at once. They were breaking.

The idea started to spread - the Park Pandemic Primal Scream - and the New York Times picked up on this and recently launched their own Primal Scream Line, a free phone for parents "where the floor is yours to yell, laugh, cry or vent, for a solid minute." 

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