UK Parents Divided On Whether To Vaccinate Teachers

New poll School Guide reveals we are a nation divided on the teacher vaccine issue with results coming in close to 50/50 among parents of school age children

School Guide, the UK’s leading school information website for parents, surveyed almost 800 parents of school aged children and the results reveal that parents are split almost 50/50 on the issue of vaccinating teachers as a priority and getting children back to school in March. 

We asked parents of school age children the following question:

Poll: Should we vaccinate teachers in February half term and get children back fully to school in March?
52 % parents said YES
48 % parents said NO 


Victoria Bond, CEO & Founder of School Guide has two teenage sons who are currently homeschooling and ran the survey on School Guide in response to calls from some school leaders and Labour's Sir Keir Starmer to immunise teachers and school staff alongside the existing roll out plan once the most vulnerable are vaccinated. 

“Honestly, I am surprised by the results. My sense from interacting with the thousands of parents who use School Guide every day was that parents were desperate to see an end to remote learning and get their children fully back in the classroom in March. This is something I support as I believe getting children back to school should be a national priority. But the poll results tell a different story. We are a nation divided.”

School Guide launched the parent poll via it's weekly newsletter on Friday 29 January and over 20,000 parents interacted with this post in 3 days on Facebook.

Survey of 787 School Guide UK users with at least one school aged child, between 29th January and 1st February 2021.

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