School Guide API

Use our School Guide API to add school information and catchment area maps to your website

Since 2014, School Guide has been the first choice for UK parents looking for clear and concise school information. At busy times, 25,000 parents rely on our data each day.

We aggregate official data on schools and package it up in our robust API. We’ve done all the homework on 34,000 UK schools – so you don't have to.

You can have the benefit of our research, understanding and experience of key school statistics by adding our comprehensive and rigorously maintained dataset to your website.

School Guide API

We provide all the building blocks for your team to develop a fully integrated school information service on your website. Ideal for larger clients who have the resources to create the perfect, and perfectly reliable, custom solution for their users.

Our API includes:

  1. The latest and most comprehensive school dataset – updated weekly and trusted by 15,000 parents every day
  2. School catchment heatmap data – show your users where they need to live to get into their chosen school.

API Clients

School Guide has a proven track record of providing data for the largest websites in the UK:

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5 Reasons To Use School Guide

  1. We offer data that other sites (and the government) don’t publish. 15,000 parents trust our site every day
  2. We use Plain English to explain data. All our trusted helper text is part of our package
  3. We offer unique metrics such as our School Guide Star Rating and Happiness Rating
  4. We can also license our award-winning infographics
  5. Our heatmaps are quick and easy to read. No deciphering lines and confusing measurements

School Data API — More information

We offer fast, reliable API access to our unique set of school data. There are two primary categories of data, each served by its own API:

School Data API
School Catchment API

Both APIs are served over HTTPS-only. The School API requires a key to be passed for each request, and the Catchment API utilises HTTP Basic Auth, requiring a username and password for each request. All responses are JSON.

Full school data menu and example responses available on request.

We collect official performance data for all UK schools. Our coverage includes primary, middle and secondary schools, where available, in all regions i.e. England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, in both the state and independent sector schools. All the fields we display have been user tested to help us cut through the large volume of official data and ensure we only offer parents the most relevant and useful data points. Labels and hovers are clearly expressed to assist parents quickly and easily understand the meaning of each one.

Our comprehensive data set is rigorously maintained in line with official publication schedules, updating as often as daily in the case of Ofsted reports.

A list of all schools is accessible through an index endpoint, and using the unique identifiers from the index, you can query a full set of data for an individual school.

School Catchment API — More information

Our catchment API provides over 20,000 unique pupil heat maps. We do not currently collect catchment information for independent schools. These schools may be selective and admit pupils from a wide variety of postcodes. Coverage provided by our pupil heat maps is extensive across all regions except Northern Ireland.

These unique maps are plotted using official pupil data taken from the last School Census collected by the Department for Education. They visually represent where all pupils lived at the time of the annual School Census, categorised to represent density of pupils by using ‘many’, ‘some’ and ‘few’. School Guide offers the functionality to enter a postcode and drop a user’s home location on the map.

For each pupil heat map, School Guide provides a list of coordinates and heat values that can be fed into a Google Heatmap.

Example visualisation of a pupil heat map on School Guide:

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