Bye Bye, Tie? Five Return-To-School Rules You May Have Missed

A round up of the less publicised points from the Big Back To School Plan announced this week by the Department for Education


It's not all bubbles and hand washing. Here's five points that have been written about less but may have a large impact on your child. 


1. School Uniform 
The government says schools can still decide their own uniform policies, noting that many schools have relaxed or abandoned full uniform policies for those children already in school. A number of Multi Academy Trusts have already written to parents advising that items that cannot be washed daily – such as ties, blazers and jumpers – will not be compulsary. 

2. Whole-school Assemblies 
The government guidance states that "groups should be kept apart... settings should avoid large gatherings with more than one group." So whole-school assemblies will not be back as part of the weekly school schedule in September – and beyond. 

3. Singing and Recorders
It may come as a blessing in disguise for many parents who have been tortured over the years by recorder practise that "singing, chanting, playing wind or brass instruments or shouting" comes with a warning that these activities can increase the risk of infection and should not be carried out "even if individuals are at a disance." Music lessons should be, where possible, held outside. 

4. Field Trips 
Schools will be allowed to host "non-overnight domestic, educational visits" including workplace visits as part of work experience. But any trips must be bubble compliant. 

5. Rugby and Contact Sports 
Joe Wicks will be pleased to hear that PE is back but "contact sport" has to be avoided. There is no list of specific sports although rugby, football, netball, basket ball and hockey are thought to be not possible in their full form.