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"I wish I'd had a site like School Guide when I was first looking for schools for my children. It's built for parents and all the information is right there at your fingertips."

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University Technical College Norfolk 3 days AGO by tom ellis
"When starting UTCN i thought we would be more involved with employers and being prepared for employment however i do not think we have been very involved with the employers. Organisation seems..." Read Full Review
St Crispin's School 4 days AGO by Catherine
"We have two of our children currently in St. Crispin's School and have found it to be an excellent environment for learning. There is all the academic support that the children need along with the..." Read Full Review

Built for parents, School Guide makes it quick and easy to find the best school for your child. Key school statistics are clearly presented including Primary Key Stage 2 SATs, GCSE and A-levels, and parents can compare all their local options on one simple School Guide local league table. Schools are ranked based on their School Guide summary star rating. The star rating gives parents a snapshot of academic performance in the last year.

School Guide’s colourful school pages also offer news and photos direct from schools as well as reviews from parents. School Guide’s parent reviews give valuable local information and can be used alongside school data to help you decide which schools to visit. Expert blogs on admissions, school open days, homework, tests, 11+ papers, catchment areas and National Curriculum changes complete the picture and make School Guide the perfect one-stop-shop for school information. Want to find the best school for your child? Engaged parents start their search with School Guide.

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