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    Tutors near TN15 7RD

    • Southborough
    • @ southboroughnospamblocker@explorelearning.co.uk
    • 86-88 London Road
      TN4 0PP
    • 01892 731932
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    Explore Learning - Southborough

    English Maths

    Explore tutors work with children in a very low ratio (the maximum ratio is 1:6), ensuring the right balance between individual support and independent learning. As children practise and acquire new skills throughout the learning session, the tutors are always on hand to encourage, explain or suggest a new approach.

    We use the best available teaching tools. They are interactive, engaging and map to the National Curriculum and Curriculum for Excellence.

    Inspiring tuition for 5-14 year olds of all abilities.

    • Gravesend, Medway
    • @ infonospamblocker@parotuition.com
    • Gravesend
    • 01474 612002
    • From £15 to £30 per hour, Call now to arrange a free consultation

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    Paro Tuition

    KS2 KS3 11+ Entrance Exams GCSE IGCSE A Level Maths

    Graduated with a Masters Degree (2.1) in Civil Engineering from Loughborough University.

    I take a very methodical and structured approach to tuition. This starts with a careful observation and assessment of a students strengths and weaknesses.

    From there I workout the most suitable way to get them towards their goal and to improve general skills such as problem solving, speed awareness, exam/revision techniques, memory improvements etc. These methods have been tried, tested and refined

    • Heathfield, Tunbridge Wells, Uckfield
    • @ infonospamblocker@crowboroughtuitioncentre.com
    • 2 Harley House
      Farningham Road
      East Sussex
      TN6 2JD
    • 01892 664993
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    Crowborough Tuition Centre

    SATs 11+ Common Entrance GCSE

    The Crowborough Tuition Centre has been providing the very best in After-School Tuition for over a decade. From pre-reading to GCSE, our families can testify to the effectiveness of our methods, the friendliness of our tutors and the warmth of the atmosphere at our modern Centre.

    We believe that children learn best in a calm and stress-free environment, in a small-group setting, where they feel supported both by the tutor and the knowledge that they aren’t alone in their learning process. This is what we offer at the Crowborough Tuition Centre.

    Our tutors are highly qualified and experienced teachers with years of tutoring happy children to their names. We can help whatever the need – be it reading, writing, English or maths, matters of concentration or motivation, or last-minute revision and help for tests or exams.

    • Eastbourne, Ashford, Uckfield, Cranbrook, Tunbridge Wells
    • @ francesMcnospamblocker@homeschooltutoring.co.uk
    • 07935 385348
      07873 233441
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    Home-School Tutoring - Kent & East Sussex

    KS1 KS2 KS3 11+ Entrance Exams SATs Common Entrance GCSE A level
    My name is Frances McClelland and I am the Home-School Tutoring Advisor for the Kent and East Sussex Area. I will be very pleased to advise and help you. If you’re looking for a tutor either for yourself or for someone who needs tuition, please tell me about your tutoring requirements. It helps to give as much detail as you can, so that I can assess your needs and your specific requirements and preferences. I will then do my best to personally recommend the most suitable tutor to you from my team of local tutors.

    • Lewes, Tunbridge Wells, Sussex, Haywards Heath
    • @ julietmackenzienospamblocker@hotmail.co.uk
    • Call for address
    • 07815 433 896
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    Maths Tutor Lewes

    Maths GCSE A-Level

    I аm а highly аccоmplished аnd vibrаnt mаthemаtics teаcher, with over 12 years experience of teaching.

    My аpprоаch is аlwаys encоurаging аnd аims tо bооst the students` cоnfidence аs well аs enаble them tо reаch their highest level оf аchievement. I explain things simply, clearly and at a pace that suits the individual.

    I have аn excellent recоrd of success at prepаring students fоr GCSE and Alevel exаms, as well as Common Entrance and Scholarship papers. I аm up tо dаte оn exаm techniques аnd requirements fоr аll these levels, and hаve plenty оf prаctice exаm mаteriаls which cаn be wоrked thrоugh tоpic by tоpic оr аs whоle pаpers.

    • London, Tunbridge Wells, Oxford
    • @ infonospamblocker@brightyoungthings.co.uk
    • 1-6 Yarmouth Place
      W1J 7BU
    • London: 020 3468 5186
      Oxford: 018 6598 9232
      Tunbridge Wells: 01892 800 492
      Rochester: 01634 814420
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    Bright Young Things

    SATs 11+ Common Entrance GCSE IB AS A-level SEN Oxbridge

    Bright Young Things provide academic tuition to students across the age range, often in help for difficult exams such as the 11+ or to supplement the education they receive at school.

    Our tutors are motivated, well-rounded individuals who inspire their students to be self-motivated in their approach to learning. We foster an inquisitive mind to help our students go beyond their textbooks and apply their understanding to the outside world.

    Clients can choose from one-to-one tutoring in their home in and around London, or classroom tuition at our newly opened tuition centre in Tunbridge Wells.

    • Tunbridge Wells
    • @ infonospamblocker@kipmcgrathtunbridgewells.co.uk
    • 35 Quarry Road
      Tunbridge Wells
      TN1 2EY
    • 0750 6569122
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    Kip McGrath - Tunbridge Wells

    11+ SATS GCSE

    At Kip McGrath Tunbridge Wells your child will receive the very best tuition in Maths and English, taught by fully qualified teachers in our fully equipped education centre. Children aged between 6 and 16 are taught 1 on 1 in small groups, and so receive quality teaching, but in a comfortable environment, supported by the knowledge that they are not alone. Our centre is designed to create a friendly and stimulating environment and your child will be given all the benefits of active teaching, through a variety of learning mediums. Learning at Kip McGrath is VARIED and FUN!

    In addition to being able to help children struggling in school, or stretch those who have outreached their peers, we are also able to help children prepare for Grammar school and the 11+ test.

    All of our teachers have classroom experience and are also trained in the proven Kip McGrath methods.



    • Grays, Thurrock
    • @ lakesidenospamblocker@explorelearning.co.uk
    • Unit 530
      Lakeside Shopping Centre
      West Thurrock Way
      RM20 2ZP
    • 01708 869 650
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    Explore Learning - Lakeside

    English Maths

    The teaching tools we use at Explore are interactive, engaging and map to the National Curriculum and Curriculum for Excellence. As a child's mastery of each lesson develops, the work adapts to an increasingly advanced level, thereby providing each member with a highly individualised experience.

    At Explore, we believe that children learn best when they want to learn. Explore centres are lively, vibrant and full of positive energy.

    Inspiring tuition for 5-14 year olds of all abilities.

    • Crayford
    • @ crayfordnospamblocker@explorelearning.co.uk
    • Sainsbury's.Stadium Way
      DA1 4HW
    • 01322 352 760
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    Explore Learning - Crayford

    English Maths

    Explore tutors know how to get the best out of children and believe in every child's ability to achieve. Whenever a child completes a task, there is always a tutor on hand to say 'well done' or 'fantastic'. By providing a culture of praise and reward we boost children's self-esteem and inspire them to learn more.

    Inspiring tuition for 5-14 year olds of all abilities.

    • Kent, Plumstead, Sidcup, Bexley
    • @ email us via our website
    • 01689 836876
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    Tutor Doctor - Bexley

    SATs 11+ Common Entrance IB GCSE AS Level A Level

    Tutor Doctor offers one to one tutoring throughout Kent, Bexley, Plumstead and Sidcup. 

    Great care is taken to find the right tutor for each student so they can best match the students' needs.

    All Tutor Doctor tutors teach the National Curriculum along with any other areas, the help them reach their goals.

    Contact us for a free consultation.

    • Middlesex, Surrey, Kent, Hertfordshire, London, Essex
    • @ supportnospamblocker@tutorfair.com
    • 63 Queensmill Road
      SW6 6JP
    • 0844 800 8040
    • Prices depend on selected tutor's skills and experience

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    Tutor Fair

    SATs 11+ Common Entrance GCSE IB AS A-level Music SEN Oxbridge

    The best tutors are on Tutorfair. From bright university students at £20/hr through to professional education consultants at £100/hr, you'll be able to find great people for all subjects and levels. Whether a student has fallen behind in a subject, has a big exam coming up or simply needs a confidence boost, you can find the tutor quickly and easily. Scroll through the details of the tutors you like and contact them directly through Tutorfair.com. As a website, they can afford to charge less than a traditional agency and if that's not enough there's a one-to-one promise: for every student who pays, Tutorfair provides tutoring to a child who can

    • Middlesex, Kent, London, Essex, Surrey, Hertfordshire
    • @ top.tutorsnospamblocker@btconnect.com
    • 37 Redbourne Avenue
      N3 2BP
    • 0208 3492148
    • from £22 per hour

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    Top Tutors

    Primary SATs 11+ GCSE AS Level A Level

    Top Tutors is an established private and home tutor company with over 30 years experience in helping Children and Adults achieve there educational goals. We are one of the largest providers of private tutors in London and the home counties.

    We offer flexibility with our pay as you go service with no commitments or course of lessons. We offer a tutor for all subjects at all levels of education. Over the last 3 decades we have successfully matched over 150,000 students with the right tutors. We also provide a personal approach with our team personally calling to discuss your requirements.

    • Thanet District, Kent
    • @ thanetnospamblocker@explorelearning.co.uk
    • Sainsbury's Thanet Westwood Cross
      Dadson Way
      CT12 5FJ
    • 01843 606632
    • Contact us to arrange your free trial session

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    Explore Learning - Thanet

    English Maths

    At Explore Learning, our tutors will get to know your child as an individual. Whether they are finding school tricky or top of the class, we will create a learning plan designed to help them to gain confidence, enthusiasm and new skills.

    Inspiring tuition for 5-14 year olds of all abilities.

    • Beckenham, Petts Wood, Orpington, Chislehurst, Bromley, Farnborough, Eltham
    • @ jbattennospamblocker@tutordoctor.co.uk
    • PO Box 1107
      BR1 9RW
    • 020 8460 2272

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    Tutor Doctor - Bromley

    SATs 11+ Common Entrance GCSE IB AS A-level Music SEN Oxbridge

    Tutor Doctor – We Make House Calls. A bespoke and managed service: in your home at a time convenient to you.

    We provide 1-to-1 tutoring for any age, subject or level. Students are carefully assessed, and care is taken to match the tutor to the student to enable the tutor to start to work quickly and with an understanding of the students’ needs.

    Our tutors teach the content of the National Curriculum, plus any additional areas required to help students to achieve their goals, whether it is general subject improvement, preparations for their 11+, 12+ or 13+, Common Entrance, or other external examinations. Free initial consultation available.

    • Orpington
    • @ orpingtonnospamblocker@explorelearning.co.uk
    • 311 High Street
      BR6 0NN
    • 01689 867 302
    • Contact us to arrange your free trial session

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    Explore Learning - Orpington

    English Maths

    Every day, after school or at the weekend, thousands of children across the UK begin their Explore experience in a similar way. They are greeted by enthusiastic Explore tutors, who engage children and get them motivated even before they walk through the door.

    Children are made to feel a part of Explore and always look forward to visiting. They are attending a club, not a classroom.

    Inspiring tuition for 5-14 year olds of all abilities.