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    Tutors near L26 1UU

    • Camberley, Woking, Guildford, M3/A3 corridor, Farnham
    • www.tutordoctor-surrey.c...
    • @ enquiries01nospamblocker@tutordoctor.co.uk
    • 0845 230 7899
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    Tutor Doctor - South West Surrey and North Hants

    KS1 KS2 SATs 11+ 13+ Common Entrance GCSE IGCSE A Level Pre-U

    Tutor Doctor is a bespoke home-tutoring service that combines local knowledge with worldwide expertise.

    Since 2009, we have helped over 1500 Surrey students gain the positive results you would expect from an award-winning service and member of the Tutors Association.

    Our proven system puts the personal back into tutoring, starting with our free consultation. We then carefully match from our roster of over 250 tutors, so that your child's tutoring is both enjoyable and gets the results you need.

    • Merseyside, Liverpool
    • www.explorelearning.co.u...
    • @ liverpoolnospamblocker@explorelearning.co.uk
    • The Pavilion
      305-309 Smithdown Road
      L15 0EB
    • 0151 363 0195
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    Explore Learning - Liverpool

    English Maths

    Explore Learning centres provide award-winning tuition for children of all abilties. The Explore curriculum includes maths, English, creative writing, the Eleven Plus, Entrance exams and handwriting. Our courses adapt to the individual needs of each child, and map to the National Curriculum in England and Curriculum for Excellence in Scotland.

    Thousands of children attend Explore, gaining confidence, enthusiasm, independence, knowledge and new skills as a result.

    Inspiring tuition for 5-14 year olds of all abilities.

    • Chester
    • www.magikats.co.uk/centr...
    • @ timothy.cnospamblocker@magikats.co.uk
    • Upton by Chester Golf Club
      Upton Lane
      Upton by Chester
      CH2 1EE
    • 01244 378983
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    MagiKats - Chester

    English Maths Primary Secondary

    My Tuition Centre has an environment that is relaxed but controlled, with individual programmes and personal support for your children, promoting confidence, skill and a love of learning.

    I recognise that every child needs a different approach and the small groups and individual study programmes provided at a MagiKats Tuition Centre address that need. I always put my students first and help them achieve their goals.

    • Chester
    • www.explorelearning.co.u...
    • @ chesternospamblocker@explorelearning.co.uk
    • Sainsbury's
      Caldy Valley Road
      Great Boughton
      CH3 5QJ
    • 01244 343 433
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    Explore Learning - Chester

    English Maths

    At Explore Learning, our tutors will get to know your child as an individual. Whether they are finding school tricky or top of the class, we will create a learning plan designed to help them to gain confidence, enthusiasm and new skills.

    Inspiring tuition for 5-14 year olds of all abilities

    • Warrington
    • www.explorelearning.co.u...
    • @ warringtonnospamblocker@explorelearning.co.uk
    • Sainsburys Santa Rosa Blvd
      WA5 3AG
    • 01925 747 123
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    Explore Learning - Warrington

    English Maths

    Explore tutors work with children in a very low ratio (the maximum ratio is 1:6), ensuring the right balance between individual support and independent learning. As children practise and acquire new skills throughout the learning session, the tutors are always on hand to encourage, explain or suggest a new approach

    The tutors have a great rapport with all the children and are experts at motivating them to learn. Children are made to feel a part of Explore and always look forward to visiting. They are attending a club, not a classroom

    Inspiring tuition for 5-14 year olds of all abilities

    • Broughton, Cheshire, Hawarden, Wirral, North Wales
    • www.tutors4gcse.co.uk
    • @ enquiriesnospamblocker@tutors4gcse.co.uk
    • Holly House Village Road Christleton Chester CH3 7AS
    • 0800 048 8864
    • From £16 Per Week

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    SATs 11+ Common Entrance GCSE

    We are a group of passionate, professional tutors who are committed to helping children, from school year 2 through to GCSE level, to achieve their full learning potential. We provide subject specialist tuition in Maths, English and Science in small groups across North Wales, Cheshire and the Wirral.

    Our aim is to help all children achieve their potential by delivering more than subject skills but helping to develop transferable study skills, improving confidence and motivation. The benefits of our programme are far reaching - our approach develops independent learners who have the confidence to discuss and test out their ideas, to problem solve and to apply their skills in all aspect of their academic studies.

    • Heswall
    • www.explorelearning.co.u...
    • @ heswallnospamblocker@explorelearning.co.uk
    • The Curve
      Telegraph Road
      CH60 7SE
    • 0151 230 1647
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    Explore Learning - Heswall

    English Maths

    We use the best available teaching tools. They are interactive, engaging and map to the National Curriculum and Curriculum for Excellence. As a child's mastery of each lesson develops, the work adapts to an increasingly advanced level, thereby providing each member with a highly individualised experience.

    Inspiring tuition for 5-14 year olds of all abilities.

  • National

    • Sheffield, Liverpool, London, Manchester
    • www.actiontutoring.org.uk
    • @ hellonospamblocker@actiontutoring.org.uk
    • Action Tutoring
      CAN Mezzanine
      32-36 Loman Street
      SE1 0EH
    • 02079227760
    • Charity

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    Action Tutoring

    GCSE Voluntary Organisation

    Action Tutoring is an ambitious social initiative and registered charity, supporting young people facing socio economic disadvantage to achieve at GCSE, with a view to enabling them to go on to further education, employment or training. Action Tutoring partner high quality volunteer tutors with pupils to increase their subject knowledge, confidence and study skills, making the benefits of tuition more widely available. Action Tutoring is now operating in London, Manchester, Sheffield, Liverpool, Leeds/Bradford, Brighton, Bristol and Birmingham.