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    Tutors near Glasgow

    • East Kilbride
    • @ eastkilbridenospamblocker@explorelearning.co.uk
    • Sainsbury's
      Glasgow Road
      East Kilbride
      G74 4UN
    • 01355 587 220
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    Explore Learning - East Kilbride

    English Maths

    Explore Learning centres provide award-winning tuition for children of all abilties. The Explore curriculum includes maths, English, creative writing, the Eleven Plus, Entrance exams and handwriting. Our courses adapt to the individual needs of each child, and map to the National Curriculum in England and Curriculum for Excellence in Scotland.

    Inspiring tuition for 5-14 year olds of all abilities.

    • Glasgow, Darnley
    • @ darnleynospamblocker@explorelearning.co.uk
    • Sainsbury's
      Darnley Mains Road
      G53 7RH
    • 0141 404 1049
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    Explore Learning - Glasgow Darnley

    English Maths

    At Explore Learning, our tutors will get to know your child as an individual. Whether they are finding school tricky or top of the class, we will create a learning plan designed to help them to gain confidence, enthusiasm and new skills.

    Inspiring tuition for 5-14 year olds of all abilities.

  • Online

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    My Private Tutor Online TOP CHOICE Online

    Early Years Primary 7+ 11+ 13+ GCSE A Level

    My Private Tutor Online provides world-class tuition from the best online tutors. 

    A boutique e-learning company helping ambitious families achieve outstanding results. Tutors are handpicked for their expertise and world class; Many tutors are Oxbridge alumni, some teach at top UK schools and a handful are official GCSE/A Level examiners.

    Support extends from pre-school to post-graduate, covering entrance exams (7+, 11+, 13+ and 16+), academic assessments (GCSEs/A Levels/IB etc.), higher education applications and everything in between.

    • @ infonospamblocker@sherpa-online.com
    • Sherpa Online
      Regency House
      Dedmere Rd
      Marlow SL7 1FJ
    • 01628 337590
    • From £15-60 per hour

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    Sherpa Online Online

    Primary 11+ GCSE A level Degree and Application Help All Academic Subjects English as a language (TEFL)

    Sherpa’s focus is online tuition from qualified UK teachers who work or have experience in schools over the UK.  

    Tuition from PGCE/QTS trained teachers ensures that your child is getting the best standard of learning to supplement their in-school sessions. All tutors are interviewed by our dedicated tutor team to assess their background and teaching quality. 

    Sherpa has experts in the core subjects (and more) at all levels: 

     English, Maths, Biology, Chemistry and Physics  


    Primary, 11+, GCSE, A-level and Degree. 

    Browse our tutors and set up a free introduction in minutes. Get in touch with them directly through our sleek and easy-to-use messaging service. Send messages, transfer documents, create bookings and make payments all through your simple dashboard.  

    Find out more and chat to one of us now!

    • @ hellonospamblocker@mylanguagelab.co.uk
    • 35 Little Russell Street
      WC1A 2HH
    • 0333 772 0785
    • Please contact for prices

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    My Language Lab Online

    11+ 13+ GCSE IGCSE AS level A level UCAS

    My Language Lab are specialists in online GCSE, IGCSE and A level tuition across all exam boards in England and Wales. We're here to fill in your child's knowledge gaps, improve their confidence and guide them not only at exam time but throughout the academic year. 


    The stats for 2022:

    - 98% 9-7 grades at GCSE

    - 96% A*-B grades at A level

    - 98% of our A level students got into their top-choice universities

    - Students increase their grades by 2.0 points on average.


    We're hyper focused on students' needs and we're constantly innovating. In 2021, we:

    - Launched a new learning platform and app

    - Introduced Online Parents' Evenings 

    - Added real-time progress tracking which includes quarterly Lab Reports, wellness check-ins and gradebooks 

    - Expanded our Lab Library - hundreds of interactive resources and materials plus ™️ worksheets created exclusively for our students. 


    Our success rate is based on our bespoke tutor matching, our 4-step Lab Methodology and our engaging and qualified teachers who are here to guide your child towards academic success with a positive mindset.

    We aim to get you started within 48 hours, from enquiry to registration. Book your free 30-minute online Assessment and get 15% off your first booking.

    • @ infonospamblocker@conquermaths.com
    • I4 Newcastle Enterprise Centres
      East Quayside
      Newcastle upon Tyne NE6 1LL
    • 0845 544 0855
    • from £15.95 a month

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    Conquer Maths Online

    Maths SATs GCSE AS Level A Level

    Ditch the textbooks and excel at maths! 

    "The world's most effective online maths tutoring system." 

    Conquer Maths teaches an entire school maths lesson in as little as 5 minutes. 3 to 7 minutes is proven to be the optimal length of lesson to keep students engaged and learning.

    The programme offers diagnostics, animated lessons, quick and easy tests and all-important progress reports. Every lesson is consistent in style using simple animation and narrated by the same expert maths teacher.

    Students are given full control over the pace of each lesson. They can Pause and Rewind the teacher whenever they begin to struggle and rewatch and relisten to any part of any lesson as often as needed.

    Suitable for 4-18 year-olds, and adult learners too.

    Click on the website link to find out more.  

    • @ supportnospamblocker@edplace.com
    • 020 7183 9818
    • from £10 per month

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    EdPlace Online

    Maths English Science KS1-4 11+ SATS GCSE Common Entrance


    Your own private tutor service – affordable and online 24/7.

    Multi award-winning EdPlace is dedicated to empowering parents and making private tuition accessible for all. EdPlace offer interactive worksheets that are simple and easy to use and cover English, Maths and Science across Key Stages 1 to 4 (Ages 5-16).

    Give your child a head start with resources made by qualified teachers, fully inline with the National Curriculum and automatically marked and tracked. EdPlace materials get consistent 5-star reviews from parents. 

    Click on the website and sign up for a free trial today.

    • @ infonospamblocker@periplus.org.uk
    • 66-68 Pentonville Road London
      UK N1 9HS
    • 020 7486 8435
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    Periplus Education Online


    For our company name we chose to opt for a Greek word in order to draw a parallel to one of the most ancient, classical and successful systems of education.

    Periplus is the Latinisation of a Greek word περίπλους literally meaning “a sailing-around”. A periplus was a manuscript document (or type of log) that listed all the ports and coastal landmarks that a vessel could expect to encounter along a shoreline.

    We have used the word as a metaphor for education – as you take to the uncharted waters of education we will provide you with all the necessary signposting required in order to lead you safely through.

    • 0207 391 9060
    • From £25 Per hour

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    TutorMe Online

    GCSE ASLevel A Level Degree

    TutorMe hopes to provide you with an entirely personalised learning tool, allowing you to be in total control of what you learn, where you learn and when you learn. We combine the best tutors with the most up-to-date technologies to improve your learning outcomes. 

    It is the flexibility of this learning process, coupled with the high standard and specialised nature of TutorMe's tutors, which act as the primary benefits of the service.

    • @ adammucklenospamblocker@aol.com
    • Twitter: @ADMbar
    • Prices on request

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    Adam Muckle Online

    11+ 13+ Common Entrance Classics Scholarships

    Building Confidence

    Award-winning Professional Private Tutor, current President of The Tutors' Association.

    Fostering independent learning, inspiring students to be the best they can be.

    I am committed and dedicated to helping students fulfil their potential. With proven results, I specialise in tutoring, motivating, instilling confidence in 10 to 13 year olds to become independent learners, in preparation for pre-tests and scholarships to the top British Independent Schools. 

    My specialist subject is Classics (Latin and Greek); all core subjects for Common Entrance preparation, more focus on the arts and languages for scholarships. 

    • @ supportnospamblocker@tutlings.com
    • Please visit our website
    • Call to discuss your child's needs

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    Tutlings Online

    11+ entrance exam SATs GCSEs AS A-Level

    Tutlings is the creation of a fusion of ideas from a passionate teacher and a geeky developer. Together we wanted to create a platform in which anyone seeking tuition could find a tutor without having to go through an agency and pay astronomical fees. A place online in which tutors and students are empowered. Tutlings is a platform that enables seeking and managing tuition possible and practical.

    • @ mattnospamblocker@britishenglishonline.com
    • See website for prices

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    Matt Thompson - British English Online Online

    EFL (English as a Foreign Language) ESL (English as a Second Language) IELTS exam preparation

    Improve your English as a Foreign Language (EFL) quickly with an online tutoring specialist.

    Speak more clearly, write more accurately and build your confidence with my personalised, one-to-one lessons.

    I am a British native teacher so I can help you improve your British accent, sound more natural and be understood by native English speakers.

    I use the best online software to give you a high quality, online lesson from the comfort of your home. Each lesson includes a live video call, interactive online materials, regular corrections and self-study activities to help you continue learning after the lesson has finished.

    Need to pass the IELTS exam? This is my specialist exam subject with 10+ years of experience helping students prepare for this international English exam.

    • @ helpdesknospamblocker@mathsdoctor.co.uk
    • Maths Doctor Sussex Innovation Centre University of Sussex BN1 9SB
    • 0845 286 7770
    • £20 per hour

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    Maths Doctor Online

    SAT's 11+ Common Entrance GCSE IB AS Level A Level Oxbridge

    "Maths tution that gets results."

    Maths Doctor is the UK's award-winning maths tutoring company. 

    • 9 out of 10 students achieve their target grade or higher

    • Voted Best Private Tutoring Company (2014)

    • 97% of students rate their tutor as excellent

    Bespoke 1:1 Maths Doctor lessons are perfectly pitched for students of all ages aiming to excel in maths, whether they have an upcoming exam or are looking for some extra help. Maths Doctor assesses each student and matches them based on learning requirement, personality and level.

    Every Maths Doctor tutor is fully trained, checked and certified to our high standards to make sure you have the most positive and successful learning experience.

    TWO FREE LESSONS for School Guide visitors* who sign up to a subsciption package. Visit MathsDoctor.co.uk 

    *Please quote SchoolGuide

    • @ enquiriesnospamblocker@3at.org.uk
    • 0117 910 9931
    • Contact us for more information

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    3A Tutors Online

    11+ SATs GCSE IGCSE AS Level A Level

    3A Tutors is a Bristol-based tuition agency offering one-to-one tuition with experienced, subject specialist tutors. Tuition is available at all levels (including GCSE, IGCSE & A Level) and in many subjects.

    Weekend, daytime and evening tuition is available. Tuition is very flexible and is available for long term general support or for more short term tuition to help with examination preparation.

    • @ adminnospamblocker@wentworthtutors.com
    • 207 Regent Street
      W1B 4ND
    • +44 7982 150607
    • Call to discuss your child's needs

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    Wentworth Tutors Online

    SATs 11+ Common Entrance GCSE AS A-level

    Wentworth Tutors are a bespoke private tutoring agency based in London that have made a name for themselves online by connecting students the world over with their world-class tutors. Many of their tutors are teachers in Britain’s most exclusive schools and all attended Oxbridge, Ivy League or similar top tier Universities.

    Online, Wentworth Tutors specialises in providing college counseling and mentoring to international students applying to UK and US universities. They tutor students in international schools across the globe.

    • @ supportnospamblocker@mytutor.co.uk
    • 3-5 Fashion Street
      London E1 6PX
    • 020 3 773 6024
    • From £20/ per hour.  £10 off first lesson for School Guide parents 

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    MyTutor Online

    11+ 13+ KS 3 GCSE A Level IB Scottish Highers UCAS University

    See a whole grade's worth of improvement in one term

    MyTutor offers stress free tuition that delivers results and ensures your teen gets the grades they deserve. 

    Our tutors are handpicked from the top universities, are subject experts and with recent exam experience quickly build rapport with your child.  And they really deliver – on average we see a whole grade’s worth of improvement (and often more) after just a term’s work of lessons. 

    It’s not just about grades though, 86% of students say that MyTutor has improved their subject confidence too ensuring they are getting the most out of their time at school.

    Being online you have complete flexibility to find a tutor that fits with your child’s needs and your family’s schedule.  No lengthy travel time or tidying the house before the tutor arrives. And every lesson is recorded too so you can keep track on what’s being covered. 

    And as a special offer for all School Guide parents you’ll receive £10 off your first lesson.  Sign up now or chat to our Tutor Experts and beat exam stress before it begins. 

    “Got my daughter from a C to an A* in just 4 weeks.” – Amanda, parent. 

    “My always grumpy teenager loved it, and looked forward to all her lessons. ” – Judith, parent

  • National

    • Sheffield, London, Manchester, Liverpool
    • @ hellonospamblocker@actiontutoring.org.uk
    • Action Tutoring
      CAN Mezzanine
      32-36 Loman Street
      SE1 0EH
    • 02079227760
    • Charity

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    Action Tutoring

    GCSE Voluntary Organisation

    Action Tutoring is an ambitious social initiative and registered charity, supporting young people facing socio economic disadvantage to achieve at GCSE, with a view to enabling them to go on to further education, employment or training. Action Tutoring partner high quality volunteer tutors with pupils to increase their subject knowledge, confidence and study skills, making the benefits of tuition more widely available. Action Tutoring is now operating in London, Manchester, Sheffield, Liverpool, Leeds/Bradford, Brighton, Bristol and Birmingham.

    • @ enquiriesnospamblocker@explorelearning.co.uk
    • Head Office Explore Learning Ltd Third Floor 74 North Street Guildford Surrey GU1 4AW
    • 01483 447410
    • Call to discuss your child's needs

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    Explore Learning

    SATs 11+

    "Group tuition with proven results." 

    Explore Learning has tuition centres across the UK and their tutors groups have been independently proven to benefit children of all abilities.

    Aimed at 5-14 years olds with a key focus on Eleven Plus and Entrance Exams, members are taught in small groups, typically 1:6, which gives the perfect balance between individual support and independent learning. 

    Children become members and attend once or twice a week for sessions lasting approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes. Membership is flexible; the centres are open 7 days a week.

    Every child has their own individualised programme of work which adapts to their own unique strengths and weaknesses. This ensures that children are stretched and challenged in exactly the right areas. 

    To book a FREE trial lesson call: 01483 447414

    • @ infonospamblocker@dorkaid.co.uk
    • The Old Mill
      Mill Yard
      Cobham Park Road
      KT11 3NE
    • 01932 588753
    • £20 per hour

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    SATs 11+ Common Entrance GCSE IB AS A-level Music SEN Oxbridge

    Tutoring, for students, by students. 

    Dorkaid is a unique service that matches the UK’s most elite university students with younger students via Skype! 

    Dorkaid tutors are university or A level students, who have achieved either an A* or A grade GCSE, in their chosen subject. They provide tutors for GCSE and A-Level students, although younger students can be accommodated. 

    FIRST SESSION FREE if you email [email protected].

    Dorkaid bridges the gap between tutor and tutee as a minimal age difference allows optimal communication and a strong relationship to form. All of their tutors have excelled in the same exams, within the last 5 years, and are expertly equipped to share their experience and knowledge of exam and revision techniques.

    Offering both exam and coursework support, this innovative type of tutor-tutee relationship offers excellent results with fantastic value for money. 

    Visit www.dorkaid.co.uk to read fantastic testimonials. 

    • @ astartuitionnospamblocker@btinternet.com
    • 01772 807 279
    • From £26 Per Hour

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    A Star Tuition

    KS1 KS2 KS3 Entrance Exams SATs Common Entrance GCSE A level

    A-Star Tuition supplies private tutors throughout the whole of the UK for one-to-one tuition at all levels, from primary school to undergraduate and adult education. We supply tutors for Maths, English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Music, ICT, 11+ and Grammar School Entry. We are also able to provide tuition for languages and Music.

    A-Star Tuition values your tuition experience very highly. We want you to receive a high standard of education which you know is making a difference.

    Please find us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/A-Star-Tuition/366679653350341

    • Nationwide
    • @ adminnospamblocker@studenttutor.co.uk
    • From £9

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    Student Tutors

    SATs 11+ GCSE AS A-level

    We are a match making service where a monthly subscription of £5 (we don't require a continued subscription) will allow you to contact as many tutors as necessary to find the right one!

    We deal exclusively with current university students, as recent exam takers our student tutors are very up to date with revision techniques, various exam boards, and will also be able to use the latest technology (e.g. Facetime or Skype for online tutoring).

    One on one private tuition in a variety of subjects at a fraction of what other private companies are charging and all lessons can be conducted in the safety and familiarity of your own home.

    • Knightsbridge, Nationwide
    • @ info.uknospamblocker@alisteducation.com
    • 2nd Floor
      167-169 Kensington High Street
      London W8 6SH
    • 0203 004 8101
    • Call to discuss your child's needs

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    A-List Education UK

    US SATs

    A-List UK is the international office of one of the leading New York City educational consultancies and provides expert and customised consulting for international students applying to US colleges.

    Our management team has passed through the UK education system before attending top US colleges—we understand the process and know what it takes to succeed. We can guide students through the entire US university application process including: preparing for entrance exams (SAT, ACT, SAT Subject Tests), selecting colleges, college essays and applications, and student-athlete consulting. We offer both private tuition and intensive US College Bootcamps covering the key aspects of US applications. All of our dynamic instructors are graduates of top US colleges, have passed through our rigorous training programs and teach from our proprietary materials.

    • @ webnospamblocker@thetutorpages.com
    • Free to use

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    The Tutor Pages

    Expert Articles SATs 11+ GCSE A Level Music Languages

    Finalist in FSB Worldpay Business of the Year, The Tutor Pages is an online publication with a UK-wide directory of private tutors and thousands of articles on home tuition topics. It also includes a forum to discuss private tutoring, and an acclaimed e-book for tutors.

    It is a member of the UK Association of Online Publishers, and has an associated blog at www.thetutorblog.com.

    • @ adminnospamblocker@wentworthtutors.com
    • 207 Regent Street
      W1B 4ND
    • 07982 150607
    • contact us to find out more

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    Wentworth Tutors

    SATs 11+ Common Entrance GCSE AS A-level

    Wentworth Tutors are a premier tutoring agency that provides educational support and consulting services. Their tutors are hand picked for their passion for education, personability, and excellence in their chosen subjects. They are all graduates from Ivy League, Oxbridge, Russell Group, and similar internationally-renowned universities. Many are qualified teachers.

    Wentworth Tutors prepares students for school, national and international exams as well as Oxbridge entrance. They also offer some unique learning experiences ranging from aiding students with learning disabilities, English as a second language, and etiquette.

    • Nationwide
    • @ infonospamblocker@enjoyeducation.co.uk
    • 020 7352 8800
    • from £50 an hour

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    Enjoy Education

    SATs 7+ 8+ 11+ 13+ Common Entrance GCSE IB AS A-level Oxbridge Schools Consultancy


    96% of Enjoy Education pupils got their required grades or higher in 2014.

    98% parents said their child benefited from Enjoy Education's bespoke tuition. 

    Enjoy Education is a multi-award winning private tuition company who pride themselves on personal service. Tutoring takes place in the location of your choice and 1-2-1 lessons can be topped up with online sessions during holidays.

    Enjoy Education are home schooling specialists and also offer a schools advice service for pupils preparing for key entrance exams.

    Visit the website to see how Enjoy Education can help YOUR child succeed.

    • @ charlottenospamblocker@firstclasstutorsgroup.com
    • 1 Heber Mansions
      Queen’s Club Gardens
      W14 9RL
    • 020 3384 6338
    • from £45 per hour

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    First Class Tutors

    SATs 11+ Common Entrance GCSE IB AS A-level Oxbridge

    First Class Tutors work with families in London, throughout the UK, and worldwide preparing children for 7+ to A- level examinations, and everything in between. Not only do we work with you to achieve the best exam results possible, but also to provide independent and thoughtful advice when it comes to choosing the right school and university for your child. We offer advice for all entrance examinations, national exams, UCAS and Oxbridge applications, as well as interviews and personal statements.

    • @ infonospamblocker@zoomtutors.co.uk
    • 02921 409025
    • From £10

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    Zoom Tutors

    KS1 KS2 KS3 SATS 11+ GCSE AS Level A Level

    We are a new UK wide private tuition introduction service.  We offer the services of experienced tutors, in a wide variety of subject areas.  Whether you require private tuition at your home, a tutor's home, or even online, we have private tutors in your area for primary, secondary and degree level tuition.

    • @ infonospamblocker@rainbowtutors.co.uk
    • 0207 030 3677
    • contact us to find out more

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    Rainbow Tutors

    11+ GCSE AS A-level Pupil Premium SEN Home Schooling

    All our home tutors are qualified and have extensive experience in tutoring, we only hire the best who we think will positively impact the student's confidence. Every tutor is interviewed and goes through a strict recruitment process. We have matched over 2000 local families and organisations.

    - No Registration Fee - Free Home Consultation - No Contracts - DBS Checked - Monthly Payments -

    Call us to see how Rainbow Tutors can make a difference for you, your family or organisation.

    • @ emmanospamblocker@bespoketuition.com
    • 487B Fulham Road
      SW6 1HJ
    • 0207 3856795
      07732 371880
    • Hourly Tuition: from £45 per hour, Residential Tuition: from £1000 per week

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    Bespoke Tuition

    KS1 KS2 KS3 SATs 11+ GCSE A-Level Entrance exam

    Bespoke Tuition provides personally matched and experienced one to one tutors on an hourly, weekly or full time basis, anytime, anywhere. From 11+ school entrance preparation to University Quantum Physics, academic goals can be swiftly achieved. We believe in confidence building, nurturing potential and learning how to learn alongside what to learn. Our goal is to offer enriching one to one academic support that inspires confident, motivated and independent thinkers.

    • @ Please contact us via our website
    • From £9 Per Hour

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    First Tutors

    Primary GCSE AS Level A Level IB

    First Tutors is a service that helps people find private and home tutors in their local area. They have access to thousands of tutors all over the UK, so it's easier than ever to find a tutor that's right for you. First Tutors have tutors for all levels of education and covering a myriad of subjects. From biology to maths and music to French. They've got it covered.

    • Oxford, Holland Park, Chelsea, Nationwide, Kensington, Nationwide
    • @ enquiriesnospamblocker@keystonetutors.com
    • 5 Blythe Mews
      W14 0HW
    • 0207 602 5310
    • Contact us to find out more

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    Keystone Tutors

    8+ 11+ 13+ Common Entrance GCSE A-Level IB

    Keystone Tutors was founded in 2007 and since then has established itself as one of the UK’s leading private tutoring and educational consultancy companies. Our tutors teach children predominantly aged 8 to 18 across the full range of academic subjects both face-to-face and online. Increasingly we have been taking on tutors that are employed and trained exclusively through Keystone. This unique approach within the UK market will ensure Keystone can continue providing the most committed and professional tutors to our clients.

    • @ infonospamblocker@williamclarence.com
    • 0207 412 8988
    • Contact us to discuss your child's needs

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    William Clarence Education

    Residential Tutors Homeschooling Entrance Exams GCSE A level

    William Clarence Education is a specialist provider of private tuition services for London and Europe. Sourcing exceptionally talented professional tutors; experts in their field with a wealth of professional and academic experience, we help students at every stage of their career.


    We have a team of experts, providing specialist advice and guidance to ensure our clients fulfil their potential and nothing is left to chance. A determination to succeed and a commitment to the cause is all that’s needed, our tutors will supply the rest.