Secondary League Table for The Nicolson Institute

This page shows the 20 nearest schools to The Nicolson Institute, ranked by our unique School Guide Rating

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The Nicolson Institute


0.37365591397849446 0.0 58.20976922605698 -6.381616505572842 scottish
Lionel School, Isle of Lewis


19.91408673521177 58.48874917197407 -6.2436517539992265 scottish
Sir E Scott School, Western Isles


26.50996992689872 57.9016862676565 -6.813846195507909 scottish
Gairloch High School


0.5445788530465947 41.729353340247464 57.728859739801734 -5.69271910035853 scottish
Ullapool High School


0.5598118279569889 49.744415281129235 57.89822113866555 -5.154906352502288 scottish

How does School Guide rank schools?

The list of 20, 40 or 60 schools will show schools ranked by their School Guide Star Rating first. If no Star Rating is available, the school will be listed as Not Rated and will appear in geographical order based on the school's proximity to the centre of the search location or postcode.

A School Guide Star Rating is activated by a set number of official performance data fields. There are several reasons why a school is Not Rated, and this is distinct from a low or zero star rating. Please see About for the reasons why a school may not have sufficient data to receive a School Guide Star Rating.

School Guide local leagues show the 20 nearest schools to the search location or postcode by default. Select 40 or 60 to see more schools.

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