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5+ GCSEs grade 9-4 (standard pass or above) including English and maths
GCSE Grade 5 (strong pass) or above in both English and maths
3 A levels at AAB or higher inc. two facilitating subjects

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2017 2018 2019 10% 11% 9%

% of pupils who achieved 3 A levels at AAB or higher

These results over time show historic performance for key exam results. We show pre-pandemic results as the fairest indicator of whether performance is up, down or stable

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83 New Broadway
W5 5AL
0208 5796668

School Description

Ealing Independent College is a leading independent College in West London preparing students aged 13 to 19 from the UK and worldwide for higher education through the GCSE and A-Level programmes. We provide expert teaching, supportive individual help and guidance, and consequently have a proven track record of securing excellent examination results. The College has over 17 years’ experience of preparing students for an academic future in a supportive and friendly learning environment.

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Last update: 22 June 2022


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Our Year 12 students had the opportunity to attend a conference focused on career advice, University choices, and internships. 

The Bellevue group once again organised an informative and insightful event aimed at giving guidance to students on the verge of shaping their future careers. 

We interviewed Hasan, one of our Year 12 students to learn more about the event itself, as well as what the students have taken away from it. 

Hasan, would you mind giving us an overview on the event and its structure?

Upon arrival, we had a refreshment session followed by two morning workshops separated by a break. Lunch, then two afternoon workshops also separated by a break. The speakers came from different companies and Institutions, such as “The Life Skill Company,” “Unilever Plc,” and the University of Winchester. 

What was your favourite part of the day, and which workshop taught you the most?

The session about the University Admissions Process was the most useful. Specifically, I found the presentation about how to write a personal statement relevant and helpful, with tips I will follow in the future, including tips for how to begin. Typically, people start with “Since I was in Primary School,” or “When I was younger.” Now I know that I should try to start in a more unique way. 

Was it beneficial to you to interact with students from other collegses?

We had some time to meet the students from the other Colleges and compare what their plans are, and especially what they are putting in place to achieve their goals.

How do you feel about having the opportunity you were given to join a conference of this kind?

It’s definitely advantageous that we are given the possibility to be guided and think about our future in a way that we probably wouldn’t have considered by ourselves. 

I hope I will be able to join similar conferences in the future as well. 

Is there anything that you would like to see or do specifically next time? Take it as a recommendation that you could give Bellevue. 

I would say that the afternoon workshops were mainly focused on IT and engineering skills, which is a field that is not exactly the one I would like to continue my studies in. I would like to follow the Medicine path, thus maybe next time it would be great to attend something more relevant to my field.

Great. Hopefully your message will be passed on. Thank you for sharing your experience, Hasan. It’s been a pleasure to get to know what opportunities sixth formers are given by Bellevue! 

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Exams, real exams, are back! Despite multiple lockdowns, isolations, and quarantines, we know our students will demonstrate that after all their hard work, can get those top grades they aimed for.

We had an interview with Sam and Osman, two Year 11 students who, like many others, have started their final exams this week. 

Sam, Osman, GCSE Exams are here. Do you feel well prepared for them?

S: Yes! I feel that this College has prepared me extremely well, especially after all the tutoring lessons, extra help, and support that we have been offered. Our teachers have always been available to us. 

O: Yes, we have practised and completed loads of past papers. We also received lots of handy tips from the teachers.

What tips have you found most useful?

S: As Osman mentioned, practising with past papers has been the best technique for me, as well as having teachers’ notes and power points shared with us.

O: The online resources that we have been given have facilitated our learning. The fact that we have been using Google Classroom has allowed us to go back to every single lesson we have been taught throughout the year and revise from there.

Both of you have already taken your biology exam. How did you find it? 

S: Easier than expected. I really think we were ready for this week.

O: I feel quite relaxed and confident. 

How do you feel about being the first group that is sitting the exams properly after all the lockdowns? 

S: After all we have been through, we have finally come to the end of our GCSE path. I also feel that we are quite lucky about the fact that exams this year will be graded more generously. 

O: I think it’s great that everything has gone back to normal. This way, we can showcase what we have learnt. 

My last question is about your future. What are your plans once all GCSE exams are finished?

S: I would like to continue studying at Ealing Independent College on an A-Level course. I would like to take English, Maths and History. 

O: I am still not sure of what to do. I will take the summer to consider all my options carefully.

That’s great. Everyone should really be following their own path, and it’s great to take some time to figure out what is best for yourselves. Thank you for your time and good luck to the both of you and to all of the Year 11’s taking their GCSE’s.

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We empower all our students to progress with confidence. We strive to help them all to be the best version of themselves and to live up to their true potential. 

  • Provide a community where staff and students come together
  • Discover a sense of empowerment
  • Achieve academic success and learn new skills
  • Provide an inspiring, nurturing, and caring environment
  • Promote resourcefulness, persistence, and diversity
  • Offer a platform for students to express themselves within our learning community 
  • Personalised learning experience

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Meet the Head: Allan Cairns

Allan Cairns has worked at Ealing Independent College since 2014, beginning in the role of Head of GCSE and Humanities before becoming Director of Studies and then Vice Principal. He accepted the role of Principal of the College in September 2020 and has led the school through a period of tremendous success over the last few years. His intimate knowledge of every aspect of the College makes him uniquely positioned to help students, staff and parents at Ealing Independent College work towards their shared goal of realising the potential of every young person who commences their studies at the College.

Who/what inspired you to become a teacher?

It's hard to pinpoint the exact moment when I decided education was the career for me. I shadowed staff at my former school in Fife in Scotland, and felt it was something that I had the potential to do well. From my first days on teacher training, I felt the buzz of imparting knowledge in young, enquiring minds, and really enjoyed bringing innovative techniques into my teaching where possible, to bring History to life for my students. I was incredibly fortunate to have nurturing influences who helped my confidence grow and my teaching style develop, from my PGCE tutor, to some truly inspirational colleagues and Heads during my career who always encouraged me that my instincts were worth following. 

What achievement are you most proud of as Head?

Taking over as Head in September 2020 was certainly a challenging time to do so. Bubbles, regular testing, and online learning would have been a hard task to successfully deal with for any Head. For me, perhaps the enthusiasm I had in embarking upon leadership of the college meant I was able to negotiate these stormy waters relatively well. I was pleased to come through the other side of it with my confidence intact. Personally, however, the proudest days I've had in the role have been results days: seeing students move on to their respective new destinations; sharing in the joy they are experiencing in having reached their goals; watching the mutual relationship we've had with them to maximise their progression come to fruition.

What does a successful school look like to you?

A successful school for me, contains students who are safe, secure and emboldened by strong relationships being fostered with their peers and the staff. An establishment where students choose to give their very best efforts in everything they do- not because they are coerced in an environment of compliance through fear, but where young people are empowered to become the very best versions of themselves they can be through inspirational teaching, unique opportunities and celebrations of the success they achieve. It should also feature a staff room and office which is humming with positivity and happiness. Teachers and admin staff who share the same intentions as the students in trying to maximise their potential by prioritising their self-improvement and building confidence through progress.

What is the most important quality you want every child to have when they leave your school? And why?

Resilience. We divert a great deal of time towards ensuring that students have an understanding that overcoming adversity is inspiring- to themselves and to others. We have seen this a great deal over the last two years: where students have had to adapt in difficult circumstances to succeed; where anxiety and stress have become more prominent in the lives of young people, where one can become stronger through these challenges. For me, it is important that students are aware that life after school is not going to become easier- and that is their capacity for rising to more difficult challenges which will define their success in the future. We must ensure that they are armed with the strategies with which to deal with whatever life throws at them.

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