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Deepdene is a well-established, independently owned, co-educational Nursery and Prep School in Hove. The school offers provision from 6 months to 11 years. Although academic excellence and success in Music, Drama, Art and Sports is of course a high priority, we pride ourselves in our nurturing environment and the moral attitude that prevails. Deepdene consistently achieves high academic results with many of our Year 6 pupils gaining top scholarships and awards at their chosen senior schools.

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Deepdene School Reviews

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“We can trust them with our son's education now and in the future.”
When you decide to begin the search for a nursery for your child you can judge a place, its on reports or recommendations but visiting the nursery and having a good feeling about it certainly helps to persuade you that this is the right place for your little one. That’s exactly how we felt about Deepdene and this month will be our son's 1st anniversary with them. He was in Sunflower nursery when he started but now he is in lower nursery. Since he's been at Deepdene we’ve witness a lot of progress in his development and he’s learned so much in a year, he’s made many friends and always looks forward to go to nursery, and when he comes back he tells us what he has been up to and what he had for lunch, and just how much fun he’s been having. This is so reassuring and makes us very comfortable knowing we can trust them with his education now and in the future. The teachers are very committed and nurturing, they strive to teach good manners, respect for each other and discipline and of course encouraging them with their education. Every few weeks we received our son's class-work and reports from his time at nursery and he certainly makes us proud. It proves how engaged he is with his education and we can see he’s had so much fun too, and that is something that we as parents want to understand and treasure. Deepdene has a lovely atmosphere, a very friendly environment and you feel like you are part of the Deepdene family not just a school. With that we cannot recommend Deepdene highly enough to anyone who’s considering a place for their little ones.
“Deepdene School & Nursery - Perfect Start to our Children's Education”
I thoroughly recommend Deepdene School & Nursery to any parents considering sending their children there. Both of our children attend the school and we are delighted with their progress and desire to learn. We moved our eldest from state school to Deepdene midway through year 1. In her first six months at Deepdene, she made huge amounts of progress with her reading and writing, and quickly caught up with her peers. Two years on her academic performance is at a really good level, she is flourishing in the environment created by the whole school community, teaching staff and Leadership Team. Our son has just started in Reception, having spent time in the Upper Nursery. The integration from upper nursery to reception was seamless. He was prepared really well, and couldn’t wait to get started in the ‘upstairs’ reception class. The lesson timetable is well balanced with core subjects, and still offers great variety to ensure the children are taught a broad range of subjects especially in PE and creative arts. The school and children will also benefit from utilising the facilities at Roedean School, which is part of a closer working partnership. The 2015 Ofsted report was disappointing and didn’t paint a true picture of the school. Having worked as a governor for a state school in the local area, and seeing the progress my daughter made in her first six months. I have no doubt our children are in the best environment for their development and academic progression. Their early years at Deepdene will set them up well, for many years ahead in education.
“Children are exceptionally well cared for”
I have had two children going through Deepdeene, both very different personality wise and academically.; the school has been excellent foe both. The quality of the teaching is fantastic with so much imagination going into making the lessons fun, and they achieve excellent reults, as evidenced by the many scholarships awarded to yesr 6 pupils year on year. The new management has brough the school more up to date which has made them more creative and more consistent across all areas. The atmosphere at school is lovely!
“Gone from strength to strength”
My eldest has been at the school for since reception and is now in year 6, my son since nursery is now year 1. Since the new head has come in I've found the school to go from strength to strength. General lessons appear more structured and time tables well balanced. Modernisation within the curriculum has really impressed me especially how my children are now excited for lessons and thriving from the great change, my children are extremely happy, they love their teachers and have great friendships. The sad news of the 2015 ofsted didn't really make a difference to me as my children were the proof the school was starting to achieve higher under the new management and I'm pleased to watch all the amazing progress unfold. Would Recommend to anyone to send their children to Deepdene and it's a fantastic starting ground for them in the education.
“Already excellent and continually seeking to improve”
The school has undergone significant changes in the last two years which has been difficult at times for all concerned. Nevertheless, the senior management team have put in place new or revised processes and procedures which have built on the school's strengths and improved upon them. I am entirely confident that my son's education is of the highest quality. He is making significant progress and looks forward to going in every day. The staff are all friendly and approachable and are available to listen to concerns or queries easily. Overall I would have no hesitation in recommending this school to others.
“Exceptional school with excellent progress and growth”
My daughter is progressing extremely well and I can see how she is developing her essential skills in a very supportive, safe, nurturing and caring environment. Broad curriculum of activities including sport day at Roedean School, where pupils engage in various activities together. Much more individual approach towards every pupil to ensure, that each skill they possess is being developed to its full potential. Each teacher has focused and active way of sharing knowledge and information ensuring pupils do understand subjects taught and are not afraid to challenge theories and ask questions. Interesting science activities to do at home, which are also exciting for parents to get involved and help out. It can be so much fun! Staff really care about children's education and well being, my child is thriving there. I like this school so much. I am so proud of new management who is ensuring that equality and diversity values are reflecting in every day activities and that pupils are respectful of each other and those around them from different walks of life and backgrounds. That itself teach them very valuable lesson of empathy. Highly recommended school.
“A Special School!”
Our two girls have attended Deepdene since 9 months old with one now in reception. They have both thrived under Deepdenes unique nurturing environment and their development and growth in confidence has just been huge. Our experience with the school has been nothing but positive in all areas. This is truly a special school with amazing staff.
“Six years at Deepdene and couldn't be happier”
My daughter has been at Deepdene since nursery, is now in Year 4, 8 years old, and is continuing to thrive. We are in week 3 of term and she goes to Roedean school every Thursday to do a wide range of sport which she loves, in addition to sport on Wednesday, swimming on Tuesday, gymnastics on a Monday and all as part of the school programme. In addition she had a geography field trip at Roedean last Monday and will have more subsequent educational trips there each term. The standard of education that my daughter has received over the last 6 years has been exemplary, in all areas. My daughter is a bright, enthusiastic, polite, confident little girl and Deepdene provides a nurturing, almost family environment for their pupils, where my daughter knows some of the nursery children and older peers alike. My daughter's teachers have always been of a high standard in each year group, and the school management is of a competent and high standard, where things seem to be moving forward in an even more positive way and for Deepdene to become an even better place to give our children the best possible start on their academic, sporting, artistic, music and drama journeys.
“Wouldn't send our child anywhere else”
Our daughter is in the nursery part and we couldn't be happier with the choice of nursery. The staff are incredible, we feel confident and secure when we drop her off. She loves going to nursery and some days it is hard to get her to leave! There is great variety and choice of activities available, with lots of interactive play which has contributed to her development into a happy and confident little girl. We are kept informed of her achievements so we feel involved in her development. The previous Ofsted report mainly highlighted administration procedures/protocols that needed changing, to which the school has responded and implemented. With regards to the academic side, we are more than happy and would definitely recommend this school to other parents.
“Great all round!”
Great school! Love the friendliness and they have great academics results as well! Also they have great sports and after school clubs including tennis by one of the best coaches in the country!
“"Amazing results"”
I would highly recommend Deepdene. I have had my children here for a long time and they have been nurtured and educated at every stage through the nursery and the school. The standards they have reached as they near the top of the school are quite amazing and not comparable to some of my friend's children who attend other schools and are the same age. I feel very proud that my children have had the good fortune to attend a school like Deepdene. Anyone interested in independent education should definately visit to see the amazing results that are achieved at this vibrant, happy school. They have recently started using the sports facilities at Roedean school, which is also a fantastic opportunity for any child.
The feedback above illustrates why you should be wary of trusting anonymous comments on the Internet. This is a truly great school, with talented, committed teachers and a nurturing environment. Kids are happy, polite and noticeably respectful of each other and the school - academic standards are excellent, proof of which you can see on the walls. The emphasis on the arts is positive and well-balanced with traditional subjects. The kids skip in and out and can't wait to go to school. There is nowhere I'd sooner send my daughter, at any price. Last year the school got a bad Ofsted - the result of a complaint from a bitter former parent. I can't believe I used to take these reports seriously - not any more. The report, based largely on regulatory bias/paperwork, made no sense at all to anyone with any experience of the school, and the vast majority of the parents were united in support of Deepdene. I would urge anyone considering it to talk to those parents and to ignore the silly axe-grinding of the anonymous poster above. If the happiness of your child is your number one concern then maybe don't ask the government regulator, but trust your own judgement, and your own eyes. This is hands down the best school in Brighton and Hove. Some people may resent paying for an education that Ofsted did not rank "Excellent"- the word for that would be "snob".
“New management”
I have had my children at this school since they were babies. I used to love the feel of the school: it was academic yet nurturing, the results were amazing and the kids progressed beautifully. Since changing management, I have become disappointed with the quality and feel of the school. The school is slowly being turned in to a drama school. The school has had an inadequate rating in Oct 2015 (this school used to have Outstanding from Ofsted prior to this). You would expect the the management to have been either let go or massive changes would have been implemented. This has not been the case as this school is privately owned. I would be careful about choosing a school that has no Governors as this means there is no way of holding the management accountable. I would NOT recommend this school to anyone currently.
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