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School Description

This is a very small, rural school, where all pupils are of White British heritage and speak English as their first language. The proportion of pupils with special educational needs or who are disabled is above the national average and growing. There are two pupils with a statement of need or education, health and care plan, but a number are currently being assessed. The proportion of disadvantaged pupils who are eligible for additional funding is below the national average. There are two classes; one for Reception and Year 1, the other for Year 2, Year 3 and Year 4. The school is growing. The governing body is in the process of applying to have the age range of the school lowered to accommodate children from age 2. The on-site pre-school will become part of the school’s new early years unit which includes improved access to outdoor learning. Since the previous inspection, there have been a number of staff changes. Both class teachers are relatively new to the school. After several part-time or interim headteachers, the governing body secured a full-time, permanent appointment in January 2015.

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This School Guide heat map has been plotted using official pupil data taken from the last School Census collected by the Department for Education. It is a visualisation of where pupils lived at the time of the last School Census (released annually in July).

Our heat maps use groups of postcodes, not individual postcodes, and have naturally soft edges. All pupils are included in the mapping (i.e. children with siblings already at the school, high priority pupils and selective and/or religious admissions) but we may have removed statistical ‘outliers’ with more remote postcodes that do not reflect majority admissions.

For some schools, the heat map may be a useful indicator of the catchment area but our heat maps are not the same as catchment area maps. Catchment area maps, published by the school or local authority, are based on geographical admissions criteria and show actual cut-off distances and pre-defined catchment areas for a single admission year.

This information is provided as a guide only. The areas from which pupils are admitted to a school can change from year to year to reflect the number of siblings and pupils admitted under high priority admissions criteria.

3 steps to help parents gather catchment information for a school:

  1. Look at our heat maps. They give a useful indicator of the general areas that admit pupils to the school. This visualisation is based on all attending pupils present at the time of the last School Census.
  2. Use the link to the Local Authority Contact (above) to find catchment area information based on a single admission year. This is very important if you are considering applying to a school.
  3. On each school page, use the link to visit the school website and find information on individual school admissions criteria. Geographical criteria are only applied after pupils have been admitted on higher priority criteria such as Looked After Children, SEN, siblings, etc.

See Pupil heat maps FAQs for more information about the source of pupil heat map data.

Anstey First School Reviews

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“The perfect village school!”
"> Anstey is a small village school with an exceptionally large heart. I currently have a daughter in Yr 1 and two younger children in the equally excellent affiliated pre-school. The older of these two will be joining in September and he cannot wait. He has been attending the school two afternoons a week which has been an excellent way to manage his transition. As the older children are so supportive and friendly to the younger ones, although he is a very shy child he feels very comfortable about going 'up to big school' in September. My daughter in Year 1 frequently regales me with tales of her stimulating, fun and interactive lessons. Her teachers are creative and inspiring and she has come on in leaps and bounds at this school. The new head is outstanding. She is very approachable to staff, pupils and parents and as well as running the day to day aspects of the school. She is also constantly coming up with new initiatives to make Anstey First School even better. Particularly useful is the parent view sessions held monthly which removes the need for any moaning in the playground! All views positive and negative are dealt with promptly. Despite it being a small school, the variety of sporting activities and after school clubs is wide and impressive. They also traditionally do exceptionally well at local sporting events. In a recent cross county event with many other schools they achieved two first places and one second! I also love the fact that friendships are made across the year groups as well as within - it gives the children enormous confidence and respect for each other.
“Hertfordshire's best kept secret school”
"> I have a child currently in year 3. He started at Anstey pre-school shortly after his second birthday and then pestered me to go on to the school having been able to watch and integrate with the school children. He has done very well there and still is doing with the teachers able to adapt the work to fit each child's abilities and needs, the massive advantage of such a small school. The governors and teaching staff listen to all the parents' views , are always available and actively seek our opinions and ideas. The school has an amazing family atmosphere and often you will find almost the whole school, with parents, in the nearby park for an hour after school or us parents in the school's community room enjoying a natter over home-made cakes and coffee. The school has recently started ukulele lessons for all children year 1 and up, and already has the option of piano son is becoming really quite musical! The after school clubs give a wide variety of options which is incredible considering the numbers involved, my son has done sports, cookery, craft, games, walking in the surrounding countryside and there is also a gardening club, lunchtime choir sessions and a new "den club" in the process of being set up. A truly amazing school.
“Great, supportive small school”
"> My daughter started at this school in September as an August born, just-turned-4 year old. I was very anxious about her starting school so young but she went to the adorable preschool and they transitioned her really well into the main school. I feel that they took on board her age and my anxieties and did (and do) all they can to support us. I adore the family feel of this school, the fact that they are so willing to listen to suggestions - we had a questionnaire a few weeks ago and all of my suggestions were listened to and are in the process of being implemented. The head is fantastic and aways accessible. We are gearing up to start running a 'den club' and other forest school initiatives, taking advantage of the lovely rural location. There is great wrap-around provision too with clubs and a holiday playscheme which my daughter begs to go to! The discipline and reward policies are positive and productive, teaching problem solving and personal responsibility and the kids are all very happy and benefit from the whole school ethos and environment. Being a small school they also get a staff pupil ratio you can't even get in many private schools nowadays! I would highly recommend a visit if you are considering schools in the area.
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