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Uplands Community College
Last update: 22 July 2021


We warmly invite you to our open evening, allowing us to showcase all that makes Uplands Community College such a special and fulfilling learning environment for your children.

The evening will run from 5pm to 8pm, with 2 sessions available for you to choose from, commencing 5pm and 6.40pm. Please confirm your attendance by submitting a booking form with your session of choice.  The link is available on the homepage of our website 


The sixth form creative writing students have been working on the theme “Unseen in London” for the Wells Street journal (an online journal of creative writing which has been set up by MA Creative Writing students studying at Westminster University).

Tyler Walters, Georgie Hart and Head Student,  Jessie Rosenberg, have all had work accepted. It is a great opportunity as all three of these students are applying to do English and/or Creative Writing at University next year.

We have also been working with Granta; the editor has kindly offered to edit a couple of pieces of their work for them and in return we are editing a piece of writing for them.

Following their fantastic results in Year 12, we anticipate great futures for these students, so remember their names as you may see them on best-sellers lists in the future!



Year 11 students are celebrated another year of excellent GCSE results at Uplands Community College. In a climate of tougher examinations and increased grade boundaries, Uplands maintained the number of students achieving five or more A* to C grades including English and Maths at 70%, with a fifth of students gaining five or more A*/A grades. 79% of entries were graded A* to C compared with the national average of 69%. This is a superb set of results for Uplands’ students.

Uplands is also very proud of the hard work of the students and staff that enabled us to achieve this year's fantastic A Level results. It is also the fourth year of rapidly improving results with almost a quarter of our students gaining A*/A grades; 52% achieving A*to B grades; 80% A* to C grades; and all students passing all of their 'A Levels.

Cheltenham College
Primary & Secondary
Last update: 21 July 2021



To book a visit at Cheltenham College, please click below or email [email protected] for The Prep or [email protected] for College. 




Cheltenham College students and 1st XI players, Emily and Jemima, recently represented Wales at U18 level in a test series against Scotland. Jemima made her international debut; a special occasion for any player. Emily recieved recognition and a great reward for her performance during this series and previous matches with a call-up to the Wales Senior Women's Development squad. This is another great opportunity for her to showcase her talents at a senior performance level. 




Mrs Nicola Huggett joined the school as Head in September 2018. 

Mrs Huggett says, “Our aim above all is to inspire young people who are willing to learn, ambitious to achieve and keen to get involved. Boys and girls who join College at any age, will leave us as well-rounded young men and women, having fulfilled their true potential and gained a place at a top university of their choice. They will have been prepared for life beyond school and be able to contribute positively to society.

I feel it is a great privilege to live and work within this wonderful community. We warmly welcome you to come and visit us and see why we believe this is a school where your child will truly flourish."



The foundation of the first class, modern education our pupils receive is our experience and history as a co-educational independent boarding school.

We build on this foundation with five characteristics that set every pupil’s time at Cheltenham College apart:






Primary & Secondary
Last update: 21 July 2021



Visiting a school forms an important part of the decision-making process for families who are shortlisting schools for admissions applications. Click below for latest open day dates and to book your space.



Eltham College is committed to giving each child an outstanding education, a positive approach and values that will steer them throughout their life.

From September 2020 Eltham College will become a fully co-educational day school for girls and boys. Both girls and boys will be able to apply for places in Year 3 and Year 7, as well as Sixth Form.

For full information regarding Admissions, please contact the Head of Admissions, Mrs Caro St Clair-Charles, on 0208 857 1455, who will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have. Or click on the link below. 

Open Days are a fantastic opportunity to visit the school, meet staff, see the facilities and get a real sense of who we are, and to assess whether your child would be happy here. 

Individual appointments offer you the opportunity to take a private tour of the school and its grounds, meet our staff and students and see for yourself why our school is such a special place. 

Please contact the Head of Admissions [email protected] for more information. Or click on the link below. 

Last update: 21 July 2021


Visit Sir William Perkins School to see what makes our school the perfect environment to cultivate potential.




Academic achievement at SWPS is consistently high; and excellent results at GCSE and A Level reflect the hard work and effort our students put into their studies in pursuit of their future goals and ambitions. 


GCSE 2020:

  • 33% of grades 9
  • 58% of grades 9-8
  • 15% of students gained 9+ straight grade 9s
  • 52% of students gained all grades 9-7

A Levels 2020:

  • 100% Pass
  • 86% of grades A*-B
  • 64% of grades A*-A
  • 42% of students gained all A*-A grades
  • 68% of students gained 3 A*-B grades



  • Inspire excellence in academic standard
  • Give the student the confidence to enjoy learning, the resilience to learn from mistakes and to cultivate good habits of work
  • Help each student develop fully as an individual with integrity
  • Help each student refine creative and practical skills
  • Help each student gain the qualifications they need to embark on, and succeed in, their chosen career
  • Help each student think independently
  • Help each student be a confident, responsible and unselfish member of the community.
Gateway School
Last update: 07 July 2021



To gain a true insight into life at Gateway School, families are invited to visit us, to take a guided tour of the school.


Early Years at Gateway consists of Preschool and Reception and focuses on instilling a love of learning and building confidence in a caring, secure environment so that young children experience a real sense of wonder as they discover and explore the world.

Each afternoon in Gateway’s Early Years Unit, the children enjoy taking part in a variety of activities.

On Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, focussed Montessori sessions allow the children to spend time exploring practical life activities at their own pace, helping to encourage independent learning.

Different activity sessions happen each afternoon in EYU:

Monday: Muddy Monday
Tuesday: Montessori Afternoon
Wednesday: Wonderful Wednesdays (cooking, visits, celebration)
Thursday: Montessori Afternoon
Friday: Forest Fridays


The Junior Years at Gateway forcuses on giving children the confidence to challenge themselves and take risks, encouraging them to take responsibility for their own learning and to develop important organisational skills.

Class teachers deliver all core academic subjects so they are able to track each child’s development closely, and give support when necessary. The introduction of specialist lessons extends children’s natural curiosity and enthusiasm. In these years, we aim to help children develop a strong work ethic by helping them to recognise that achievement requires effort as well as ability.

Throughout Juniors, children increase their involvement in the school community by participating in charity fundraising and School Council initiatives. These activities, and an extended range of clubs, offer children opportunities to gain new interests, and to build social awareness.




Our Year 6 pupils have had an extremely enterprising week! They have been developing their own modern business ideas, originating from issues or problems they identified themselves, in an attempt to help people around the world. Small groups of our Year 6’s worked collaboratively, sharing out tasks and responsibilities, to research, design, market and promote their ideas. Culminating in a Dragons’ Den style pitch on the final day, the project and competition aimed to: drive an entrepreneurial spirit across the school; build confidence in speaking, listening and teamwork skills; and, of course, provide an excellent and fun educational opportunity.

All of the business ideas were creative and imaginative, and all were well-considered. The groups chosen as the top three in the competition all had an eco-friendly theme. Team ‘NRG’ designed an electric car that uses wind turbines and solar panels to self-charge. Another group designed and promoted a machine to convert food waste into compost, then gas, then electricity. Team ‘REFLUSH’ were eventually picked out as winners by the judges; designing a toilet and sink combo, as an ingenious way to recycle and save water.

Last update: 06 July 2021



On our Open Days we warmly welcome families for a guided tour by one of the pupils, the opportunity to meet staff and see the work of children already at Sherborne House with the ability to talk with our Head, Mark Beach and ask him any questions you may have.




We aim to sew the Sherborne House golden thread through every part of our children’s lives, providing them with a solid foundation for further education and life itself.

The whole person is important to us, we imbue a strong moral compass within each child

Good friendships last lifetimes
Observance of honour towards others
Living both virtuously and courageously with
Developed social and emotional intelligence
Empowering confidence in oneself
Nurturing the ability to be extraordinary

and in this way ‘practical wisdom’ to provide a happy, fulfilling, well lived life.
Our educational provision is infused by encouraging

Tenacity and perseverance
Happiness and enjoyment in learning
Real world experiences
Exploration and enquiry
Agility to adapt
Delight in individuality

through underpinning rigorous academic provision within an enriched educational experience.
In this way we hope that our enduring golden thread is woven throughout each child’s life, much like Aristotle’s Ethics, by creating a virtuous golden circle which starts and ends with a happy individual.



We dare to be different - we are not afraid to question old thinking; we are responsive and agile - if we can do better, we will.

We lead by example - compassion and kindness are strengths not weaknesses. We treat others how we would like to be treated.

We are curious, adventurous, creative and open minded – we challenge and are challenged, we take risks and embrace creative thinking. All the better if we make mistakes along the way, as this is how we develop resilience, learn and grow.

We are not all the same - and we think this is brilliant. We encourage other’s strengths (and support their weaknesses), we respect other’s interests, opinions and experiences and proudly celebrate who we are as individuals.

We are members of a culturally diverse, global community – we embrace difference, thrive with the opportunity to learn more, draw strength from diversity and togetherness and are committed protectors of the environment.

We believe in personal values – virtue, integrity, honour and sense of purpose and that we all contribute in some small way to the wider world through our behaviour.

We are a happy place – we believe that if you feel secure and happy you will achieve the best you can possibly be. We wholeheartedly strive to make our time at Sherborne House as enjoyable as possible, creating lifelong memories and a love of learning.

We are a family – like any family we want the best for the individuals within it. With candor we share with each other information, insight and advice in an open minded and straightforward way.

We are humble – we carry within ourselves a quiet confidence that we are the best that we can be and own our own voice.



We use four Learning Powers to reinforce the habits and attitudes which are needed for children to become confident and independent learners. Enter Charlie the Challenging Chinchilla, Peggy the Persevering Penguin, Raj the Responsible Racoon and Rita the Reflective Robin, all of whom can be spotted in the classrooms!

Sherborne House School's Learning Powers are a concept which we introduced at the beginning of the academic year 2018 and have been developing with the children ever since.

Our Learning Powers help reinforce essential qualities for pupils to develop and apply:

  • Perseverance
  • Responsibility
  • Reflection
  • Willingness to accept a challenge.

Each of the four Learning Powers are represented by a character which was created by the children themselves, giving full ownership of this concept to the children.

Children are encouraged to be successful by using each of these powers in and out of their lessons and to recognise their achievements. At the end of the week, each class reflects on their work and records their successes. Children are taught to build on their successes and so carry their learning forward.


Last update: 06 July 2021



Experience the atmosphere of a school or nursery than to see it for yourself. Have a tour of our beautiful grounds and facilities and meet key members of our team.


At Holmwood House, we spark curiosity and ignite wonder in each child, through an inspiring learning environment and boundless opportunities for discovery and exploration that develop individuality, confidence and tenacity to reach their true potential, achieve personal success and be prepared for life.



We aim to instil a lifelong curiosity and quest for knowledge through a broad, rigorous and enriching curriculum that is anchored in our learning philosophy – the 5Rs. We encourage each child to: 

- be resilient – with a sense of high self-esteem, self-worth and confidence in their abilities to achieve their full potential in all areas of a rich, diverse, broad and balanced curriculum

- be resourceful and reflective – with inquisitive minds, capable of independent and reasoned thought, adapting to an ever-changing world

- be responsible – for their own learning, respect others around them, adopt a proactive approach to care, courtesy and consideration and be aware of their own wellbeing and that of others

We aim to provide our pupils with the tools to develop an understanding of how to learn versus what to learn. Through encouraging ownership of their own learning, we believe our pupils are able to study independently; manage themselves; persist in face of difficulty; understand their responsibilities; and are as such able to reflect on their learning and personal development. We believe that these qualities are intrinsic to each child’s achievement and development.


Laetatus Sum or ‘I am glad’ is our school motto and the guiding principle of everything we do at Holmwood House. We firmly believe that providing a happy learning environment is the key to each child’s progress and success. This underpinning core value is evident through our strong sense of community amongst parents, pupils and staff. We strive to partner with parents to ensure that each and every child feels happy and secure to discover their true potential; we support and empower our staff to help each child develop into confident and curious learners; and we provide many opportunities for all members of the school community to come together and celebrate our pupils’ successes.



Holmwood House School, Colchester, part of the Bellevue group, is delighted to announce that it will be extending its provision from up to age 13 (Year 8) to age 16 (Year 11), accepting new pupils into Year 7 from September 2021.

This new development, marking the school’s 100th year, will enable pupils to study GCSEs. It means that Holmwood House School will be one of very few independent schools in the local area offering GCSE provision.

The decision to increase the provision was made following surveys conducted with existing pupils’ parents. In consultation with the school, the senior management team at Bellevue Education analysed results, before making a considered decision that was in the best interests of the school and its community. Together with feedback from school staff, the result was overwhelmingly in favour of extending the school’s provision.

Last update: 06 July 2021


There are various ways that you can visit the school. We hold full Open Mornings in the Lent (Spring), Summer and Michaelmas (Autumn) terms.




  The ‘Prep’ part of the school begins in Year 3, when the children move on from Pre-Prep and is a natural point for more children to join the school too. There are usually three classes in each year group from Years 3 to 8 when the majority of pupils will leave us to continue their educational journey at their chosen senior schools.   The Prep school is further divided into two departments: The Juniors (Years 3 to 5) and the Seniors (Years 6 to 8). Within our school community, we aim to provide a full and rewarding education by cultivating wide interests and individual gifts in a happy, relaxed atmosphere. Whilst academic success is at the heart of what we are trying to achieve through the basic curriculum of the core and foundation subjects of the National Curriculum, it is through the whole school curriculum, which consists of every activity planned by the school that we hope to prepare our pupils in the broadest possible sense. Every aspect of the wide and varied programme we offer will play a part in the overall development of each child.



  • To provide a nurturing, class based environment in which children can develop academically and socially.
  • To monitor progress and identify children needing extra provision (Learning Support & Gifted &Talented) across the year groups.
  • To prepare children for the Senior Department, by laying the foundations in terms of expectations of behaviour and standards of work.
  • To provide a supportive network to staff (teaching and support staff), by sharing good practise, resources and expertise.
  • To develop the pastoral care for every child and to provide a supportive, unified approach to discipline and behaviour.
  • To develop strong links between home-school and keep parents informed about how they can support their child
Last update: 29 June 2021
Last update: 15 June 2021


We know that when considering a school for your children, nothing is more important that visiting a school. We understand that the most important part of your visit won’t be the tour of the school and grounds, although we know that you will be impressed by our facilities, but it will be about the people you meet on your visit. All our visits offer plenty of time to meet our inspirational heads and teachers, and to chat to current pupils. We know that meeting our school community will be the key deciding factor as to whether you feel that Highfield and Brookham is the right choice for your family.

Open Mornings are held every term and offer you the chance to come and see the schools in action.

Book an Open Morning >>


Personalised Visits are the perfect choice if you have already attended an Open Morning or would welcome the opportunity for a personal meeting with our heads. Personalised Visits are just that, personal, just for you and your family, tailored to your specific needs.

Book a Personalised Visit >>


A Virtual Visit is for families that currently live further afield or are based overseas. Enjoy a personal video call with our heads taking the opportunity to find out more about our school before you arrange a visit in person

Book a Virtual Visit >> 


If you have any queries regarding admissions, then please do contact our Admissions Registrars Caroline Lukic and Charlotte Cottrell on [email protected] or call on 01428 728000.





Our priority is to ensure our children flourish academically and become courageous learners: children who grow up with a love of learning; who seek to define problems and solve them for themselves; who are undaunted by setbacks; who are willing to articulate their point of view but also listen to others; who are ready and able to collaborate with, support and encourage their peers.

We want our children to achieve their very best, leaving Highfield or Brookham willing and able to meet the challenges life throws at them, when creativity, innovation, initiative, entrepreneurship and commitment to continuous learning are as important as knowledge.


Farlington School
Primary & Secondary
Last update: 14 June 2021


''I appreciate that choosing the right school for your child is a hugely important decision, whether you are looking for a day or boarding place, in Prep, Senior or Sixth Form.

I am here to make your application to Farlington, from first conversation to first day at school, as smooth and as easy as possible.  

The best way for you to find out whether Farlington School is the right choice – for your child, and also for you as a family – is to visit us. We are now delighted to be able to offer on-site tours again and just ask that visitors take a lateral flow Covid test here at Farlington beforehand.

Our door is always open – whether you choose to visit Farlington on an Open Day, or on an individual visit. Our main Open Days are normally held at weekends in October and March, but you may also find it useful to visit us on a weekday, to truly see us in action.

If you would like any further information about Admissions at Farlington, please don't hesitate to get in touch by telephone on 01403 282573 or by email: [email protected]

I look forward to helping you and your child begin your Farlington adventure!''

Louise Mursell
Head of Admissions






Farlington School offers its pupils an exemplary remote learning experience that is set up to ensure daily face-to-face contact and a structured day for its students, who have continued to follow their normal timetable throughout each lockdown.

In March last year, when the UK entered its first lockdown, Farlington quickly launched Farlington’s Virtual School. From age seven upwards, Farlington pupils already work with Chromebook laptops as standard, both in and out of school, so with schools closed, teachers are able to deliver whole class lessons face-to-face, following the students’ normal timetables. A full school day of lessons, including all subjects from English, Maths and Science, to Modern Languages, PE and Drama - and even live cooking lessons - means that parents can get on with their own work, without worrying about their child’s learning or progress. Farlington’s Virtual School was extremely well received by pupils and parents alike, and when the latest lockdown was announced in early January this year, the whole Farlington community transitioned seamlessly back into remote learning.

Parents have endlessly praised Farlington’s Virtual School, with one saying, “The structure and timetable of lessons has been consistent and comprehensive. Apart from the loss of actual physical interaction between pupils, I don't think there has been any meaningful drop in the level or quality of education received via remote learning, which is quite a remarkable achievement by Farlington staff.”

The effect of school closures on children’s mental health has been widely discussed in the media, but the daily face-to-face interaction provided by Farlington’s Virtual School, together with having a well-defined structure to each day, has made a huge difference to students’ wellbeing, counteracting the sense of isolation that would otherwise inevitably occur during such a difficult time. 



Farlington School, near Horsham in West Sussex, is delighted to announce the appointment of a new Headmaster, Mr James Passam, who will join the school at the start of the Autumn Term.

Currently Deputy Head at Seaford College in neighbouring Petworth, where he has been for the past eight years and has played a major role in the recent success of the school, Mr Passam was previously Head of English and Boarding Housemaster at St John’s School, Leatherhead. He therefore brings to Farlington extensive knowledge and experience of local independent education in the region. Prior to this, Mr Passam taught at Truro School in Cornwall.

After achieving his degree at the University of Manchester, Mr Passam worked for PricewaterhouseCoopers in The City, before being drawn to the world of teaching and achieving a PGCE from the University of Oxford. He also holds an MBA from Henley Business School.

“Following an extensive search and rigorous recruitment process, attracting a very strong field of candidates, I am delighted that we have appointed Mr Passam,” comments David Williams, Education Director at Bellevue Education group, of which Farlington is a member. “Throughout the process, we were very impressed with his grasp of the opportunities that lie ahead for Farlington as it enters an exciting new era and period of growth as a fully co-educational school.”

“We are especially delighted that Mr Passam will have an immediate involvement in appointing a new Deputy Head this month. He will also be involved in recruiting key members of his senior team shortly afterwards, in a new leadership structure that will harness the considerable talent that lies within the staff at Farlington.”

Keen to celebrate Farlington’s unique position as the only co-educational independent through school in the Horsham area, Mr Passam will be focussed on delivering high-quality teaching and learning at the school, as well as outstanding co-curricular provision. 

“I have been hugely impressed by the students, staff and parents at Farlington,” says Mr Passam, who also recognises the school’s pastoral strength. “I have been struck by the considerable heart the school possesses, and by its warmth and welcome. I am extremely excited about Farlington’s future.”

Mr Passam will succeed current Headmistress Ms Louise Higson, who has been Head at Farlington for nine years, and was previously Deputy Head from 2005. During her time as Headmistress, Ms Higson has overseen not only Farlington’s successful transition into the Bellevue Education group, but also the school’s move to co-education and its excellent ‘Virtual School’ provision throughout the challenging Covid-19 pandemic.

Mr Passam will be joined at Farlington by his wife Zoë and their two daughters, all of whom will live on the school estate.

Primary & Secondary
Last update: 14 June 2021


Should you wish to book a tour, please email: [email protected] or call 01423 33 33 33.

In the meantime you can request a printed prospectus or view them online here.



Queen Ethelburga’s Collegiate is proud to announce that this year nine student have received offers for Oxford and Cambridge Universities. This is our highest ever numbre of offers. We are very proud of all nine students who have successfully navigated a rigorous and challenging application process to gain offers across a range of subjects.

The focus and drive required to succeed, especially in the challenging conditions of the last year, by these students is very impressive. Since September, they have studied hard to gain the highest scores in admissions tests whilst remaining focused on their challenging schoolwork, and were then faced with the experience of online university interviews, given their inability to visit Oxford or Cambridge in person.

Kevin Oldershaw, Head of Queen Ethelburga’s College, said “We are incredibly pleased for each of them, as we are for all of our students when they receive offers and go onto take up places at their chosen universities. This success is testament to their academic abilities and the comprehensive programme of support on offer. The combination of our experienced subject teachers and Sixth Form tutor team, alongside the dedicated Careers Department, means that students are helped to identify their strengths and interests, inspired and encouraged to follow their ambitions, and then supported to achieve them.

Students with high aspirations, aiming for the top universities, can also take advantage of QE-appointed admissions consultants, gaining access to additional online and in-person tuition from subject-specific Cambridge and Oxford tutors. This also helps with admission test preparation and small-group meetings to really stretch and challenge the most able.



We celebrated Mental Health Awareness Week this year by connecting with nature around our beautiful Noth Yorkshire campus. The theme chosen by organisers Mental Health Foundation this year was nature. 

Our Preparatory School students took to the outdoors for a range of activities including outdoor dancing sessions, mathematics and storytelling of some traditional tales. Our Kindergarten enjoyed a morning stroll spotting pretty flowers which sparked lots of conversation about colours and smells.

The Secret Garden was the setting of a Year 6 poetry performance and 'Tea and Talk' Thrive sessions. This award-winning pastoral scheme offers a huge range of activities to support positive mental health and wellbeing. Students had the opportunity to talk about life after lockdown and what the future holds.

Care is the most important element within the QE community; every member of the Collegiate, staff and student, is responsible for the pastoral care and happiness of the site. There is focus on developing  students’ skills and resilience, whilst nurturing their wellbeing.

QE has a dedicated team of trained staff on call 24 hours a day to offer support and guidance to all students within a specialist welfare area. As well as the pastoral staff, QE also has a team of students who are on hand  to help around the school and in the boarding houses.

The dedicated [email protected] programme offers all QE students a huge range of activities to support positive mental health and wellbeing. This includes activities and support such as; building self-esteem, strategies to help with exam stress, adjusting to change, home sickness, coping with a loss or bereavement, staying safe online, bounce back, and Forces and international support. Everything possible is done to prepare students for the many experiences they will encounter as they move through their educational journey and future life.

Primary & Secondary
Last update: 12 June 2021


Our Open Mornings are usually held annually in September and November.

For information on our Open Mornings please visit

Primary & Secondary
Last update: 12 June 2021






When considering Boarding for your child it is important to ask as many questions as possible. We recognise that moving to boarding is a big decision for a family to make and may be a significant change from prep school life. Please contact us to discuss your family's requirements. Call the School Office on 01483 276377 or email [email protected]

Click here to watch our Boarding video >>


Year 11 pupils maintained last year’s record GCSE results, with 26% of all grades a 9, and 55% of all grades being 9/8. In addition, 68% of all grades were 9-7 (equivalent to A*-A) and 99% of students gained 5 GCSEs at 9 to 4 grade.

The overall pass rate was 97%, with 50% of pupils achieving 8 or more A*-A (or equivalent). A quarter of the cohort achieved 10 or more A*-A (or equivalent). Grades in some subjects were exceptional, with more than 80% of pupils achieving 9-7 (equivalent to A*/A).

This year is the first which sees the new grading system adopted across almost all subjects. The change from letters to numbers, with more options for the grades, was designed to coincide with the upgrading of GCSEs to make them more rigorous. Although the two marks schema cannot really be compared directly, there are now three number grades corresponding to A*-A, 9,8 and 7, designed to give more differentiation at the top end.

"We are delighted with these results, particularly given that staff and pupils have been working towards significant changes to the exams and the grading schema. We’d like to offer congratulations to all of our Year 11 pupils and to the Common Room who have worked so hard to help them achieve their goals." - Mr David Boggitt, Deputy Head Academic.

A Level Success 

Students achieved an excellent set of A Level results this year, with 80 per cent of grades at A*-B and an overall pass rate of 100 per cent.

Sixth Formers experienced major changes to A Levels in England, with a move away from coursework and modular exams throughout their courses. Yet they scooped 44 per cent of A Level passes in the A*/A category and 80 per cent at A*-B.

"We have been working with some of the most significant reforms in decades, so we’re all delighted with these results, which show just how hard our students and staff have worked. The vast majority of our leaving Sixth Formers have achieved the grades they needed for further studies and we wish them all continued success in the next stage of their academic careers." - Mr David Boggitt, Deputy Head Academic

Primary & Secondary
Last update: 12 June 2021