NEW! Expert help video. How to help your children be happy at school

Welcome to our new Expert Help series.

School Guide is proud to be home to the UK’s most comprehensive schools dataset. We know that exam results and performance data tell an important story for parents but we also know that there is another side to school life: a softer side that celebrates individuals rather than year groups and extra-curricular activities not just grade As. That’s why we give every school, regardless of size or statistics, the chance to add their own School Noticeboard and create a colourful snapshot of school life. ​

This new Expert Help series assists parents to address key issues and questions around schools and schooling with a focus on positive psychology and support. Over the coming months we will shine a light on everything from why it’s a no-no to tell your kids you hated maths at school to questions like the one we address in today’s first video interview with Dr Linda Mallory, leading Educational Psychologist: 

Why do our children go to school?

My interview with Dr Linda Mallory, School Guide's educational expert and author of Parentuality: How to Have an Amazing Relationship with your Child, starts the series with probably the most important question we should ask about school – but rarely do. Why school? We apply for school and our children duly skip along to school every day but why do we send them? What do we really want them to learn about themselves and the world?

Dr Linda’s work is based on establishing a calm, conscious and connected approach to our relationship with our children at home and school. This video presents a hands-on practical discussion of the ways we can help our children be happy at school and reach their full potential. 

Okay, last thing: it’s 26 minutes long. Yes, I know: 26 minutes is a meal cooked or evenings’ homework help or even more SLEEP. But I can't recommend the content highly enough. (Dr Linda's part; not mine.) 

We’d warmly welcome your feedback on this discussion and hope it will raise many more questions.

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