Swanshurst School


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11 - 19
Community School
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Ofsted Report (21/11/2013)
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Pupils achieving 5+ GCSES
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Pupils achieving 3 A-Levels
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Pupils on free
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The school is much larger than the average-sized secondary school with a sixth form. The large majority of students are from minority ethnic heritages. The proportion of such students in the school is almost four times higher than average, as is the proportion who speak English as an additional language. At around half the students, the largest group is of Pakistani origin. The proportion of disabled students and those who have special educational needs supported through school action is slightly higher than average. The proportion supported at school action plus or with a statement of special educational needs is below average. The proportion of students supported through the pupil premium, which is additional funding given to schools for certain groups such as students in local authority care and those known to be eligible for free school meals, is much higher than average. The school does not use any alternative provision. The school meets the government’s current floor standards, which set the minimum expectations for students’ attainment and progress.
Brook Lane
B13 0TW
0121 4642400
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Tutors near Swanshurst School

    • Eastbourne, Wolverhampton, Coventry, Leicester, Birmingham
    • englishmathstutors.co.uk
    • @ hellonospamblocker@genietutors.co.uk
    • Regency Park Community Centre Wartling Road

    • 01323 700777
    • Call to discuss your child's needs

    Genie Tutors

    SATs 11+

    Parents looking for good tuition should look for a tutor who is able to get children to share ideas, work independently and compete. They should have high expectations of the children they teach, reward success and help children to understand difficult concepts with a range of examples.

    Tutors should use a range of materials so that children can listen, see and do.

    • Wolverhampton, Walsall, Dudley, Sandwell, Birmingham
    • www.ambereduc.com
    • @ ambereducationnospamblocker@ymail.com
    • 18 Glen Court
      WV3 9JW
    • 01902 240053 07941 863287
    • Call to discuss your child's needs

    Amber Education

    SATs 11+ Common Entrance GCSE

    From a personal perspective, I would like to make use of the skills I have learnt from being in the education profession for over twelve years. I would like to create an environment where I felt I was enabling students to develop and progress, not only in English and Maths, but also their own learning skills through independent learning.

    Amber Education wishes to encompass students across the ability ranges and be able to offer them the chances to enhance their learning skills primarily through studying English and Maths.

    • Tamworth
    • 11 Meadow St
      B77 1AD
    • 07578 957542
    • Call to discuss your child's needs

    B D Tuition

    GCSE AS Level A Level

    I am an English Literature graduate and a published author of children's fiction. I have a friendly, professional and patient approach to learning and enjoy helping young people reach their full potential.

    • Coventry
    • www.talenttuition.co.uk
    • @ Talent.tutionnospamblocker@yahoo.co.uk
    • Penny Park Lane
      Whitemore Park
      Coventry CV6 2GU
    • 07828577878 02476597470
    • Call to discuss your child's needs

    Talent Tuition

    SATs 11+ Common Entrance AS Level A Level

    Talent tuition has been established since 2008. We aim to provide a safe and stimulating environment where students are encouraged to maximise their potential, whether it be working on their weaknesses or building on their strengths.

    Our tutors are enthusiastic and friendly, creating the tone of each session, which is tailored to the needs of the individual student; they can work at their own pace and are encouraged to exceed expectation. Classwork and homework is monitored, assessed and detailed feedback is always given.

    We provide a range of subjects, from Primary, Secondary and A Level and our sessions follow the national curriculum. Our Centre boasts a 100% health and safety rating with the security of onsite parking for easy access.

    • Coventry, Leamington
    • www.coachingcollege.co.uk
    • @ infonospamblocker@coachingcollege.co.uk
    • St John Ambulance Hall 23 Parkside Coventry CV1 2NE
    • 01926 338 936
    • Call to discuss your child's needs

    Earlsdon and Leamington Coaching College

    SATs 11+ Common Entrance AS Level A Level

    Earlsdon and Leamington Coaching College is a small, independent college with centres in Coventry and Leamington. We have around 150 students from the ages of 6-18, studying a wide range of subjects.

    We provide an environment that encourages learning and produces fantastic results. Over 70% of our students enrol on the basis of recommendations from previous pupils.

    Earlsdon and Leamington Coaching College opened in 1984, and is staffed by highly experienced and qualified teachers. We are committed to meeting each student's individual needs and achieving success in their education.

  • Claritas English Tutoring

    English GCSE AS Level A lLevel Higher

    Highly qualified private tutor of English with 27 years' experience.

    A level examiner.

    Subjects and levels offered:

    GCSE English, English Language, English Literature (all boards, Foundation and Higher Tiers)

    A level English Literature, English Language, and Language and Literature (all boards)

    All ability levels catered for.

    I have worked successfully on a number of occasions with dyslexic students.

    CRB clearance certificate

    • Newcastle under Lyme, Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire, Cheshire
    • www.staffordshiretuition...
    • @ staffordshiretuitionnospamblocker@hotmail.co.uk
    • Windsor House 5A King Street Newcastle-under-Lyme Staffordshire ST5 1EH
    • 01782 557 277
    • Call to discuss your child's needs

    Staffordshire Tuition

    SATs 11+ Common Entrance GCSE AS Level A Level

    When students first start with Staffordshire Tuition, we assess them to see where they are in their studies. This assessment forms the backbone of what we teach and how we teach it. It gives us a comprehensive overview of each student and enables us to recommend the best approach to tackle individual requirements. Parents/guardians are given immediate feedback from the session. The assessment is free to students who take up one or more courses.

    • Stoke-on-Trent, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Biddulph, Kidsgrove, Leek, Stone, Stafford
    • astartutoring.com
    • @ infonospamblocker@astartutoring.com
    • Lymevale Court
      Newcastle Road / A34
      Staffordshire ST4 6NW
    • 01782 619065
    • Call to discuss your child's needs

    A Star Tutoring

    SATs 11+ Common Entrance GCSE AS Level A Level

    A Star Tutoring is the number one learning centre in Staffordshire as rated by parents themselves. We work hard to boost the confidence of our students by providing the key skills needed for your child to fulfil their true learning potential. Many pupils struggle with exams, we look to understand their study requirements and work on an individual basis to tailor and structure their development around their personal needs. If your child needs some extra help with English, Math, the Sciences or ICT, then we can offer the specialized expertise needed to make a real difference.

    Our aim is to encourage, motivate, captivate and inspire confidence in children so they can learn and improve. We can help with exam techniques, time management skills, and give practical advice that will enable your child to be a true success story both in and outside of the classroom.

    • Rugby
    • www.toptuition.me.uk
    • @ infonospamblocker@jacquelineread.com
    • 178 Oxford Street
      Warwickshire CV21 3LY
    • 01327 876673
    • Call to discuss your child's needs

    Top Tuition

    SATs 11+ Common Entrance

    We are experienced teachers and we are committed to ensuring your child has the opportunity to achieve their potential.

    Many of the children who come to us, have a strong desire to achieve the required levels for 11 plus exam success and to attend the Rugby Grammar schools. We have to work hard with these children to develop self confidence, concentration and to bring their study skills and academic levels up to a point where they have a chance, not only of 11 plus exam success, but also of feeling completely at home at Grammar School. We invite your child for an academic assessment which will enable us to see the gaps in knowledge and ability in literacy and mathematics. We give parents full feedback on current levels and you will also receive a wealth of references.

    • Telford
    • www.firstclasslearning.c...
    • @ telford.ketleynospamblocker@firstclasslearning.co.uk
    • Ketley Community Centre
      Holyhead Rd
      TF1 5AN
    • 01952 426 055 07429 815 098
    • Call to discuss your child's needs

    First Class Learning

    SATs 11+ GCSE

    Students of all ages attend our study centre at Ketley Community Centre in Telford and we cater for learners from Early Years and primary. Every student is guaranteed a warm welcome from the centre manager and will experience a safe, nurturing learning environment in which children can thrive and learn to succeed.

    Our expert tutors support your child's learning in maths, English or both subjects together. Our programmes are designed by education professionals to help children with their school studies, build confidence and develop independent learning skills.

    Our English and maths programmes are tailored to learners' individual needs so students move on only when they are confident with a topic

    • Nationwide
    • www.tutors-international...
    • @ contact us using our website
    • Clarendon House 52
      Cornmarket Street Oxford OX1 3HJ England
    • 01865 435 135
    • Prices available on request

    Tutors International

    SATs 11+ Common Entrance GCSE AS A-level SEN Oxbridge

    Tutors International is a bespoke recruitment service. We meet with you and discuss your child’s needs and aspirations, then we draw up a job spec and search for the tutor who best suits the post.

    We have provided tutors in a wide variety of situations including helping students re-take critical exams, supporting youngsters with AD/HD and dyslexia, maintaining continuity in education for the children of expats, providing alternative schooling for young sportsmen, founding a gifted tutor for gifted youngsters, helping students move between school systems, eg. UK/US and maintaining schooling for child actors on location

    We specialise in full-time, live-in private tutors, but can also provide short-term home tutors and part-time after school tutoring – anywhere in the world.

    • Nationwide
    • www.explorelearning.co.uk
    • @ enquiriesnospamblocker@explorelearning.co.uk
    • Head Office Explore Learning Ltd Third Floor 74 North Street Guildford Surrey GU1 4AW
    • 01483 447410
    • Call to discuss your child's needs

    Explore Learning

    SATs 11+

    Explore Learning has tuition centres across the UK. Children become members and attend once or twice a week for sessions lasting approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes.

    At Explore, every child has their own programme of work which adapts to their own unique strengths and weaknesses. This ensures that children are stretched and challenged in exactly the right areas - whether they are finding school tricky or top of the class.

    • Nationwide
    • www.homeschooltutoring.c...
    • @ margaretnospamblocker@homeschooltutoring.co.uk
    • 25 Mill Hill
      SO24 9DD
    • 01962 735255
    • Call to discuss your child's needs

    Home-School Tutoring

    SATs 11+ Common Entrance GCSE AS A-level

    Home-School Tutoring is committed to providing tutoring and educational services of a high standard, supporting parents and pupils, schools and teachers throughout the UK.

  • Student Tutors

    SATs 11+ GCSE AS A-level

    We are a match making service where a monthly subscription of £5 (we don't require a continued subscription) will allow you to contact as many tutors as necessary to find the right one!

    We deal exclusively with current university students, as recent exam takers our student tutors are very up to date with revision techniques, various exam boards, and will also be able to use the latest technology (e.g. Facetime or Skype for online tutoring).

    One on one private tuition in a variety of subjects at a fraction of what other private companies are charging and all lessons can be conducted in the safety and familiarity of your own home.

    • Nationwide
    • www.firsttutors.com
    • Bay Business Centre
      West End Community Enterprise Centre
      Westminster Road
      LA4 4JE

    First Tutors

    First Tutors was established in 2005 with the aim of helping people find great tutors in their local area. As the first service of our kind, we have won industry awards and appear regularly in the educational, regional and national press. We are committed to making the tuition market more open and merit-based.

    • Kensington, Nationwide
    • www.alisteducation.co.uk
    • @ info.uknospamblocker@alisteducation.com
    • 2nd Floor
      167-169 Kensington High Street
      London W8 6SH
    • 0203 004 8101
    • Call to discuss your child's needs

    A-List Education UK

    US SATs

    A-List UK is the international office of one of the leading New York City educational consultancies and provides expert and customised consulting for international students applying to US colleges.

    Our management team has passed through the UK education system before attending top US colleges—we understand the process and know what it takes to succeed. We can guide students through the entire US university application process including: preparing for entrance exams (SAT, ACT, SAT Subject Tests), selecting colleges, college essays and applications, and student-athlete consulting. We offer both private tuition and intensive US College Bootcamps covering the key aspects of US applications. All of our dynamic instructors are graduates of top US colleges, have passed through our rigorous training programs and teach from our proprietary materials.

    • London, Nationwide
    • www.carfax-tutors.com
    • @ enquiriesnospamblocker@carfax-education.com
    • 48 Langham St. London W1W 7AY
    • 02079 276200
    • contact us to find out more

    Carfax Private Tutors

    SATs 11+ Common Entrance GCSE IB AS A-level Music SEN Oxbridge

    Carfax Private Tutors was established to provide a professional, industry-leading standard of tuition. As a founding member of The Tutors Association (TTA), we believe that maintaining our cornerstone values of pupil-centred learning, thoroughness, expertise, and an ability to work around each client’s needs can continue to drive industry standards. We believe in tutoring as a profession for high achieving graduates who are passionate about their area of specialization and care about excellence in education.

    • Nationwide
    • www.tutorhunt.com/
    • @ supportnospamblocker@tutorhunt.com
    • 0844 057 0327
    • contact for more information

    Tutor Hunt

    Sats GCSE AS Level A Level

    At Tutor Hunt, we know that finding a tutor is not an easy task. Whether searching for primary, GCSE, A-Level or an adult learner, we strive to make the process as painless as possible - listing all personal and private tutors closest to you...

    • Nationwide
    • www.oxfordhomeschooling....
    • @ contact us using our website
    • Oxford Open Learning 4 Kings Meadow Oxford OX2 0DP
    • 0800 0 111 024
    • Contact us to find out more about our courses

    Oxford Home Schooling

    GCSE AS Levels A levels

    We have 18 years experience of helping individuals gain GCSEs, IGCSEs and A levels via home education. Several thousand individuals study with us every year and go on to gain qualifications.

    We place a great deal of emphasis on the support we provide to our students. No other home education organisation provides the level of proactive tutor support that Oxford Home Schooling does.

    Many children have had unfortunate experiences of learning at school and have been demotivated as a result. But there’s no law which says learning has to be tough or boring! We have tried to make learning with Oxford Home Schooling a rewarding and enjoyable experience. All our courses have been developed by experts in their field, and our team of home education course developers ensure that they are accessible, stimulating and effective in helping your child to learn.

    • Nationwide
    • www.gabbitas.co.uk
    • @ infonospamblocker@gabbitas.co.uk
    • Norfolk House 30 Charles II Street London SW1Y 4AE
    • 020 7734 0161
    • contact us to find out more

    Gabbitas Education

    SATs 11+ Common Entrance GCSE IB AS A-level Oxbridge

    As one of the leading providers of private tutoring within the UK and worldwide, Gabbitas prides itself on our consultants’ unrivalled expertise and understanding of individual family needs by offering you a personal, discreet and confidential service. Our success in identifying tutors who are able to fit in with your family, with an emphasis on character as well as experience and qualifications, is what we pride ourselves on. We recruit for full-time roles, either for permanent positions, or for fixed-term contracts (such as a holiday period), and on an hourly basis for those based in the UK.

    • Nationwide
    • dorkaid.co.uk
    • @ infonospamblocker@dorkaid.co.uk
    • The Old Mill
      Mill Yard
      Cobham Park Road
      KT11 3NE
    • 01932 588753
    • £20 per hour


    SATs 11+ Common Entrance GCSE IB AS A-level Music SEN Oxbridge

    Our tutors are university or A level students, who have achieved either an A* or A grade GCSE, in their chosen subject. We provide tutors for GCSE and A-Level students, although younger students can be accommodated.

    Dorkaid bridges the gap between tutor and tutee as a minimal age difference allows optimal communication and a strong relationship to form. All of our tutors have excelled in the same exams, within the last 5 years, and are expertly equipped to share their experience and knowledge of exam and revision techniques. Offering both exam and coursework support, this innovative type of tutor-tutee relationship offers excellent results with fantastic value for money.

  • The Tutor Pages

    Expert Articles SATs 11+ GCSE A Level Music Languages

    Finalist in FSB Worldpay Business of the Year, The Tutor Pages is an online publication with a UK-wide directory of private tutors and thousands of articles on home tuition topics. It also includes a forum to discuss private tutoring, and an acclaimed e-book for tutors.

    It is a member of the UK Association of Online Publishers, and has an associated blog at www.thetutorblog.com.

    • Nationwide
    • www.fleet-tutors.co.uk/
    • @ clientsupportnospamblocker@fleet-tutors.co.uk
    • The Old Library 4 Boundary Road
      Farnborough Hampshire GU14 6SF
    • 0845 421 3531
    • contact us to find out more

    Fleet Tutors

    SATs 11+ Common Entrance GCSE IB AS A-level Music

    Fleet Tutors has helped over 100,000 students across London, the UK and internationally, achieve the results they need in entrance exams, public exams or catching up with their peers. We have a great network of tutors and education experts who instil confidence and fast-track educational attainment by tailoring their teaching to the needs of your child.

    Our teams of tutors are experienced professionals who have all screened and vetted by one of our recruitment team. We also know them personally as many have worked for us for over a decade or more. We're careful about whom we accept and only 1 in 5 of those who apply are accepted as a Fleet Tutors' private tutor. The tutors come from a wide range of backgrounds and subject specialties, but all have one thing in common - a desire to see your child succeed while instilling a love of learning.

    • Nationwide
    • www.personal-tutors.co.uk
    • @ adminnospamblocker@personal-tutors.co.uk
    • Ashfield House
      SK8 1BB
    • 0161 428 2285
    • visit our website for more information

    Personal Tutors

    SATs GCSE AS Level A Level

    Established in 1970, Personal Tutors supply specialist private tutors for home tuition at all levels from primary through secondary (including Key Stages and SATS) to GCSE, AS Level and A level in Maths, English and other school subjects throughout the UK. In Scotland, we offer the subjects listed at all levels up to Higher grade and CSYS.

    • London, Nationwide
    • www.firstclasstutorsgrou...
    • @ charlottenospamblocker@firstclasstutorsgroup.com
    • 1 Heber Mansions
      Queen’s Club Gardens
      W14 9RL
    • 020 3384 6338
    • from £45 per hour

    1st Class Tutors

    SATs 11+ Common Entrance GCSE IB AS A-level Oxbridge

    First Class Tutors work with families in London, throughout the UK, and worldwide preparing children for 7+ to A- level examinations, and everything in between. Not only do we work with you to achieve the best exam results possible, but also to provide independent and thoughtful advice when it comes to choosing the right school and university for your child. We offer advice for all entrance examinations, national exams, UCAS and Oxbridge applications, as well as interviews and personal statements.

    • Nationwide
    • www.selectmytutor.co.uk/
    • @ contactnospamblocker@selectmytutor.co.uk
    • 145-157 St John Street
      EC1V 4PW
    • 020 8133 9794
    • visit our website

    Select My Tutor

    SATs 11+ Common Entrance GCSE IB AS A-level Music SEN

    Select My Tutor is online platform where the private tutors and students connect to each other throughout U.K. The students and parents can search nearby home tutors according to their requirements and locality. Tutors can also monetize their skills with students.

    • London, Manchester, Sheffield, Liverpool, Birmingham, Bristol, Leeds, Bradford
    • www.actiontutoring.org.uk
    • @ hellonospamblocker@actiontutoring.org.uk
    • Action Tutoring
      CAN Mezzanine
      32-36 Loman Street
      SE1 0EH
    • 02079227760
    • Charity

    Action Tutoring

    GCSE Voluntary Organisation

    Action Tutoring is an ambitious social initiative and registered charity, supporting young people facing socio economic disadvantage to achieve at GCSE, with a view to enabling them to go on to further education, employment or training. Action Tutoring partner high quality volunteer tutors with pupils to increase their subject knowledge, confidence and study skills, making the benefits of tuition more widely available. Action Tutoring is now operating in London, Manchester, Sheffield, Liverpool, Leeds/Bradford, Brighton, Bristol and Birmingham.

    • Nationwide
    • www.educatefirst.co.uk
    • @ infonospamblocker@educatefirst.co.uk
    • EducateFirst Ltd
      PO Box 400
      LS14 9ET
    • 0113 265 3459 07594 746 226
    • Call to discuss your child's needs

    Educate First

    SATs 11+ Common Entrance GCSE
    At Educate First, we believe in providing each child with the best opportunity to help them excel throughout their academic years. No matter what their age or ability, our tuition services and effective learning programmes can help your child improve their confidence, enhance their concentration, become proficient in core subjects, develop essential life skills, and help lay the foundations for their future. With our 360° approach to education, we make learning for your child our priority and ensure that they find studying an interesting, stimulating and accessible experience. Essentially, we are your partner in education.