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  • We hold open mornings and tours of the school twice a week during term time. Every Wednesday and Friday morning, our Registrar can...
    Eaton Square School
    6 days ago.
  • On the first Tuesday of every month, during term time, the Lyceum holds an Open Morning to welcome potential new parents and children...
    The Lyceum
    6 days ago.
  • Our next open day is Saturday 11 October. This is a wonderful opportunity to see the school in all its glory, the grounds and the...
    Hawley Place School
    6 days ago.
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  • It would appear that this school is able to manage itself when things go right but fail dismally to handle things when they go wrong....
    Corby Business Academy
    7 days ago by ....
  • I am stuck with this unfortunate school too! we feel trapped, because moving schools is nearly impossible! DD has 4 more years to go!
    Barrow Hedges Primary School
    about 1 month ago by Ruth Hughes
  • Agree Stephanie. A friend of mine with her son also complained about the school. She is now struggling to get her child out. Don't apply...
    Barrow Hedges Primary School
    about 1 month ago by Jason Collins
  • Standards of this school have dropped drastically in the last 2 years. Don't simply go by statistics. My daughter joined Barrow Hedges in...
    Barrow Hedges Primary School
    about 1 month ago by Stephanie Jennings