Parent Reviews

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Woodcote House School 4 days AGO by B Richardson
“A truly wonderful school”
It is truly the best decision we ever made in sending our two sons there. Pastoral, Academic, Sporty, they produce incredibly well rounded children. The children learn happy there and you can... Read Full Review
Wetherby Senior School 4 days AGO by Yasmine Mahmoudieh
“Wetherby senior school - it's a greedy school”
I had paid a deposit for my son's entry into year 9 . I then did not hear good things about the school and got a place offered at Holland Park School. So I declined the place before the deadline. ... Read Full Review
The Uffington Church of England Primary School 5 days AGO by Lisa
“Great school”
This is a fantastic school, focussing on nurturing the children enabling them to achieve and become the best they can be! Highly recommend to any parent. Read Full Review

Hands up if you have an opinion on your child’s school? Yes, thought so.

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