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Copenhagen Primary School 3 days AGO by Dr P
“Far better than its reputation”
This school has made massive improvements in recent years. It now benefits from very focussed, engaged and approachable staff and leadership with a sharp eye for enhancement in every detail and... Read Full Review
East Peckham Primary School 4 days AGO by A parent
“Not for us”
In my experience there has been a high turnover of staff and lots of children leaving. I had to move my child after 6 teachers in 2 years. It's a shame because it is set in a beautiful location.... Read Full Review
Beehive Preparatory School 5 days AGO by Merbor
“Really good School”
My children go to this school and we love it. They care about the children and they have made really good progress in the class. Read Full Review

Hands up if you have an opinion on your child’s school? Yes, thought so.

Sharing your parents-eye view on a school is a great way for other parents to make choices about their child’s next steps in education.

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